New! A study reveals that chronic prostatitis is a muscle tension disorder

Recently, a hot topic published in the Journal of Urology, demonstrated a high correlation between the location of painful trigger points inside the pelvic floor muscles of men with chronic prostatitis and the location in the body where they routinely complain of pain.

During the research, patients were asked to take a muscular treatment. As a result, the symptoms of a large majority of men diagnosed with chronic prostatitis who have not responded to any other treatment have been reduced. Besides, they aim to rehabilitate chronically contracted pelvic muscles and modify the tendency to tighten the pelvic muscles under stress. 
The report also proves that chronic pelvic pain syndrome is a psychoneuromuscular condition in which the muscles of the pelvic floor, in response to psychological or physical stress, become chronically contracted. Once this stress causes the muscles of the pelvic floor to chronically tighten, a condition of chronic spasm and muscle contraction occurs and is fed by a cycle of tension, anxiety, pain and protective guarding.
However, this is only a new finding about the prostatitis, and there also needs more evidence to prove that chronic prostatitis is a muscle tension disorder. But it provides a new way for the patients to fight the suborn illness. With the development of the medical science and technology, the therapy will be applied medically. 
However, for the patients with this disease now, their best hope is to eliminate the disease as soon as possible. And according to the clinical practice, chronic prostatitis is commonly caused by the infection, so the conventional treatment is necessary once suffering from it. 
In USA, about 8 to 10% of American men suffer from prostatitis in which they have symptoms of urinary frequency, urgency, sitting pain, genital, sexual and rectal discomfort. Prostatitis is typically treated with antibiotics according to prostatitis symptoms. But antibiotics have the feature of drug resistance and side effects, so it is not a good choice for chronic prostatitis patients. 
Currently, a new herbal medicine of diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill is accepted by more and more patients. Compared with antibiotics, it shows more effective, natural for the patients. It works well on the reproductive disease like prostatitis, epididymitis, seminal vesiculitis etc. What is more, it is a natural medicine that cannot produce drug resistance and side effects. 

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