These Foods Help You Get More Calcium

Calcium is a essential nutrient that help to build and maintain strong and healthy bones and teeth. It also involves with a number of other body processes, including blood clotting, enzyme and hormone secretion, blood vessel and muscle contraction, and the central nervous system functioning. Nearly 99% of calcium in your body is stored in bones. Its role is to help bones to remain strong and stiff enough to carry the weight of the body. It happens to be the most common mineral for maintaining human health.


foods that contain calcium

There are certain groups need to take more calcium. Children usually need more calcium than adults as they are growing. For  people who are old or lack of calcium, it’s important to take some calcium supplements or calcium-contained foods to maintain the bone health. The foods that are rich in calcium are as the following:  
Milk: 500g milk contains 300mg calcium. And it also contains various of nutrients, such as amino acids, lactic acid, minerals and vitamins, which help to promote the digestion and absorption of calcium. The calcium in milk can be absorbed by human body easily, therefore it can be used as the main food for getting this mineral. Other dairy products are also good source of calcium, including yogurt, cheese,  and milk tablets.
Tofu: Tofu is believed the best plant-based food that is rich in calcium. Soybean contains a large amount of calcium, coagulant  that contains this mineral should be added to the soybean when it is made into tofu. Therefore, the calcium in tofu is increased. If you don’t like drinking milk, tofu will be a good option for getting calcium for your body.  
Nuts: Hazelnut  contains the highest amount of calcium in all kinds of nuts. Every 100 g of hazelnut contain up to 815 mg of calcium, which can meet the adults’ calcium demand for one day.  As nuts are high in energy,  you’d better eat appropriate amount of them per day.  
Oat: Oat contains the highest amount of calcium among the various cereal grain. The content of calcium in oat is 7.5 times than rice. Though the calcium absorption rate of oat is not as better as milk,  you can also get more calcium by eating oat. 
Vegetables: Most of you know that vegetables are high in vitamins. In fact, many green leafy vegetables not only contain rich vitamins but also contain calcium. Vegetables like amaranth contains more calcium than the same weight of milk. Besides,  vegetables contains a large amount of minerals and vitamin K which are beneficial for the absorption of calcium. 

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