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Causes of prostatitis

The following is a list of causes of prostatitis or underlying conditions which can possibly cause prostatitis.

1.Bacterial infection
Unclean sexual life or unprotected intercourse could possibly cause urethritis. The pathogenic micro-organisms of urethritis are mainly bacteria, viruses, mycoplasma, and chlamydia etc.. If urethritis is not timely cured, the prostate gland would be infected by the pathogen, which could possibly cause bacterial prostatitis.

2. Western medicine could control the inflammation in some cases.
 Although the tests show that the mycoplasma and chlamydia turn negtive, which suggests that the Western medicine has achieved the efficacy of sterilizing, the pathogenic microorganisms would stimulate the prostate gland, causing the gland become dropsical, obese and hyperplastic. This would cause nonbacterial prostatitis. And men with nonbacterial prostatitis have obvious symptoms and the symptoms would become more and more serious.

3. Once the nearby organs of the prostate gland are infected by pathogen
The prostate gland itself would possibly be infected too, which causes prostatitis. What’s more, chronic constipation and hemorrhoids may also cause chronic prostatitis.

4. The nearby lesions spread to the prostate gland via the lymphatic system.
For instance, the infections of the lower urethra, rectum or colon could infect the prostate gland via lymphatic system, causing prostatitis.

5. Sitting or standing for long time, or excessive masturbation or sexual life
Those would lead to local congestion of the male sexual organs, which can possibly cause chronic nonbacterial prostatitis. This can also cause congestion of the prostate gland, which provides soil for the reproduction of bacteria and induces prostatitis.

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