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How To Drain the Prostate?

During ejaculation, the prostatic gland releases a fluid that contains nutrients, allowing the sperm to survive longer in the vagina. Prostatic fluid can become blocked in the prostatic gland due to certain health conditions, including prostatitis and congestive prostatitis. When this occurs, it may be necessary to perform prostate massage to drain the prostatic fluid.



1. Wash and dry your hands thoroughly. (You can also use a sterile latex glove on the hand you intend to use.) Ask the man to remove his pants and undergarments. Then he should either lie on his side or stand with his waist bent.

2. Apply lubricant to one or two of the fingers on the hand you intend to use as well as the anus of the man you will be massaging. Slowly insert two fingers into the man's anus at a downward angle as far as you can. Ask the man to relax his sphincter muscles. Do not proceed until he had done so.

3. Feeling along the posterior anal wall, locate the prostatic gland. You will feel the two lobes of the gland separated by a deep furrow. Press your fingers on the furrow, applying pressure to the prostatic gland. Keeping up that pressure, move your fingers across one of the lobes. Do the same with the other lobe. Start at the furrow in the middle and apply pressure while slowing moving your fingers over the lobe.

4. Check the penis for prostatic fluid release. This will be a sign that you are actually draining the prostatic gland. Repeat Step 3 until you feel the prostatic gland soften. A hard prostatic gland will still contain prostatic fluid. The entire process will take less than 10 minutes.

Be prepared for the man to get an erection. Although this does not happen every time, many men get very strong erections during prostate massage. Some even organism. This is not a sign of sexual interest, but simply his body's reaction to physical stimuli.


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