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Adjuvant Therapy of Prostatitis with Vegetables

Prostatitis is a frequently-occurring disease of men. However, it is very necessary for prostate patients to eat more food that are helpful to cure prostatitis.

The symptom of prostatitis is urinary frequency, urinary urgency, urinary uncmpleteness. According to the symptoms, cabbage, white gourd, tomato, spinach are diuretic, radish is good for Qi,so they all are good for prostate patients. Watermelon, pear and many other fruits also can relieve symptoms.

1.Tomatoes have plenty of vitamin C and lycopene. Lycopene can dredge gland, so it prevent prostate diseases at certain aspect.

2.Spinaches have got a more prominent advantage: folic acid and iron promote the synthesization of red blood cell. As the oxygen supply of blood enhances and blood circulationexpedites, male life quality improves. They help to cure prostatitis.

3.Chinese traditional medicine hold a view that white gourd can eliminate dampness. It has numerous vitamin C and sylvite. People suffer from prostatitis, kidney diseases or edema eat it, can get detumescence without harm Qi.

4.Bittergourd have lots of vitamin C, can clear heat, deroxify, eliminate dampness, release fatigue, clear away the heart-fire, improve eyesight, tonify Yang. When bittergourds clear heat, deroxify and dliminate dampness, prostatitis cures.

5.Watermelon came from western country at Han Dynasty. They taste sweet, clear heat, quench thirst, and also is diuretic. Watermelon have numerous nutrition that human body needed and have no fat or cholesterin.

6.Grapes can enrich the blood and Qi, promote the production of body fluid, tonify spleen, whet the appetite, get swell subsidence and it is diuretic.

7.According to Chinese traditional medicine, kiwi fruits are sweet, sour, and cold tending They can clear away heat, quench thirst, prevent from cancer and stomach diseases, treat stranguria. They are good for the treatment of dysphoria, jaundice, gonorrhea and so on. By analysising the symptoms of prostatitis, it is clear that prostatitis is in the field of gonorrhea. Because it is diuretic and can eliminate dampness, eating kiwi fruits can enhance the quantity of urina and release the symptoms of prostatitis.

Herbal medicines come from plants, animals and mineral, that's why people say medicine and food share the source. Chinese traditional medicine as a precious treasure accumulated by ancient Chinese people, is a grand exploit in human progress. Chinese traditional medicine have remarkable therapeutic action without any drug resistance. Chinese traditional medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is the prospect of prostate patients!

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