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About the Treatment of Prostatitis

The treatment of Prostatitis is not complicated, perseverance treatment of prostatitis is the key to success. As you know, intermittent treatment is often less effective. To treat the infectious prostatitis, traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine can be taken to eliminate inflammation. Some patients take antibiotics for a long time, but have a poor efficacy. There are three reasons for it:

1. The existance of the prostate sebum film, that is, "prostate barrier", make antibiotics is hard to enter into the prostate gland from the plasma.

2. It's very easy to occur fibrosis for the lesion of prostate, and it often affect and make the antibacterial and diffusion drug spread to the lesion. What's more, the cause of prostatitis is difficult to confirm, so it is difficult to choose effective antibiotics.

3. Although the symptoms of the prostatitis is under control, due to the diffusion of the inflammation have caused a series of pathological changes around the prostate tissue, it often lead to impotence and premature ejaculation, even infertility.

The treatment with traditional Chinese medicine are overall and pointed, because the development of medication is based on patients' symptoms of the disease and the knowledge .Traditional Chinese medicines all would have a good effect on both the non-bacterial prostatitis and the common infectious prostatitis. Patients can take the Rui Huai San detoxification and Golden balls Gujing and so on. Though prostatitis is a chronic disease, the prostatitis patients are often anxious and depressing because of long-term illness. As a result, it's necessary to help patients build confidence to overcome the disease, and eliminate self-esteem and negative emotions.

To give targeted answers, reasonable diet, daily life, self massage of prostate, and self-care are necessary. By keeping above habits and treatment, most of patients can be cured. There are some tips for prostatitis patients:

1. Regulate sexual life, do not masturbate frequently and pay attention to physiological health. That's for preventing excessive congestion of prostate and genital infection. 

2. Keep a regular daily life and good habits, prevent from over-fatigue and cold. It's better to take effective physical activity.

3. Avoid alcohol, cigarettes and spicy food.

4. Drink more water, not holding back urine. That may help keep urinary tract smooth, and benefit the discharge of prostatic secretions.

5. For chronic prostatitis patients who have been cured, sitbath with hot water should be taken every day, to improve the blood circulation of prostate and prevent from the recurrence of inflammation.

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