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Seafood are More Inflammatory

Excessive consumption of seafood will stimulate the body. Although the seafood is rich in zinc, especially oyster meat has the highest zinc content of all foods, and it is known as the Viagra in the natural.On some aspects, patients with prostatitis can eat them, but the seafood and fish are  of high protein, especially the shellfish. What's mote, most of the protein in shellfish (such as hair cockles, scallops, abalone, oyster, etc.), crustaceans (such as shrimp, crab) are heterogeneous protein. For the people with anaphylaxis they may cause skin allergies, and belongs to irritant food in the concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Generally, they contain a lot of purine, whici is a protein that would produce uric acid. blood The increase of uric acid in blood may also be one of the causes of prostatitis.

In fact, we need a detailed analysis of this issue. Seafood can be divided into prawns, crabs, shells, and others. Nutrition experts suggests that seafood is still the essential nutrients in daily diet, preferably 2 to 3 times per week, 100grams for each time. Unsaturated fatty acid in fish can reduce LDL in the blood, then reducing coronary heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke. And for the patients of prostatitis, fish of mild flavor, oysters, abalone is safe to eat. Crabs and other shells should not be eaten.

By eating food that are rich in zinc can also help to supply zinc, including meat, eggs, liver, edible ants, etc.; other plant foods such as wheat germ, sesame, peanuts, pumpkin seeds are also rich in zinc; soybean and its products, such as tofu, soy milk, tofu contain substance lots of soy isoflavones;  apples and tomatoes are good for patients with prostatitis.

However, any food cannot be eaten excessively, that may cause tissue edema and worsen inflammatory prostatitis. Therefore, patients can't eat too much seafood. Don't eat too much even though you like to eat them , because they may not play a good role in the treatment of prostatitis.

Don't worry if you have the prostatitis. Doctor Lee is an excellent Traditional Chinese Medicine in Wuhan. She has developed the medicine - Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, after studying and researching for many years, which has applied for national patent with the number of 200910157894.The medicine has an significant effective on prostatitis、Male infertility .It also has special effect on blood circulation, removing heat and toxic material, killing bacteria, and curing inflammation, swelling and pain. As long as pay attention to the diet, persist the treatment for 3 months, you the test of uu (ureaplasma urealyticum), mycoplasma hominis, chlamydia trachomatis would be negative. By kilingl all bacteria, virus, and pathogen, you will find test all turn to negative. So the medicine is the dawn of the patients, for it has been cured many patients who have prostatitis.

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