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What is Prostate Calcification

Prostate calcification is a scar that left after healing of inflammation of prostate. It is a precursor of prostate stones. Prostate stones are often accompanied with chronic prostatitis, and the lesions can be seen by B-ultrasound. The prostate calcification will cause the breeding of bacteria. So it is a cause of the recurrence of prostatitis. 


Prostate calcification


Prostate calcification is due to there is a previous prostatitis, and the calcified spots remain after the disease is cured. Calcification means that there would be a prostate inflammation before, and now it is steady. If patients have no symptoms, they need no treatment. If the calcification causes difficulties in urinating, then prompt treatment in hospital is needed. Some patients pay no attention to the calcification and ignore the symptoms, which resulting in condition worsening and causing prostate stones. Prostate stones would cause a variety of symptoms. Some patients can not eliminate the symptoms for a long time so they need to do a comprehensive test in hospital to see if there are stone calcification. If the calcification is not treated, it would be sort of difficult to cure other prostate diseases radically.


If your prostate is calcified and it causes symptoms, you should take treatment promptly under instructions of doctors. Doctor Lee is an excellent Traditional Chinese doctor in Wuhan. She has researched the medicine – Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for many years which has applied for national patent, and the patent number is :200910157894.The medicine has an significant effective on prostate infections.  Chinese medicine has no resistance, so patients can continue to take the medicine till the diseases is radically cured. This is the unique advantage of Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It can promote blood circulation, dissolve stasis, clear away heat and toxic material, promote Qi and stop pain, in order to kill bacteria and eliminate inflammation and cure the disease in the end.


Prevention of prostate calcification in daily life 


1.Do not eat spicy food and seafood. Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking. It’s helpful to drink more water to increase the urination so that the bacteria can be flushed out. 


2.Eat less meat, meat products and acidic foods (such as: egg yolks, cheese, dessert, tuna, halibut, etc.). They will cause excessive acidic consumption which prone to various diseases.


3.Eating more nuts (raw pumpkin seeds, nuts), vegetables, fruits, and bee pollen.


4.Do not stay up at night. Live a regular life, prevent yourself from cold. Cold and overwork may weaken the immunity and lead to the recurrence of prostate disease.


5. Adhere to the proper physical exercise to promote blood circulation (it would help inflammation eliminating). 

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