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Protect the Prostate with Proper Sitting Position

Patients who have BPH shouldn't sit for a long time, and should also pay attention to sitting posture. Experts have mentioned that in the normally of sitting, the gravity fall into the position where prostate is. If BPH patnetis sit for a long time, the prostate must be bear the pressure, which will inevitably result in the proliferation of prostatic urethra tube extrusion and compression to the urethra. Patients with severe symptoms would have difficulty urinating, or even urinary retention.

Proper posture protect the prostate

Therefore, when the patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia are sitting, they should make an effort to focus shifted to the left or right side of the hip. So that they can avoid the direct pressure  of gravity to prostate, so as to avoid or reduce the proliferation of prostate pressure to the urethra

Four Tips help prostate to be healthy

1. Eat less spicy food. Spicy food can produce a irratation on the body , especially in the prostate.

2. Avoided sitting for a long time without any movement. The general event activities should be taken after sitting for forty or fivty minutes.

3.Men must get a comfortable seat on their rides. If the bike seat is too high or too hard, it would cause local pressure on the prostate. The prostate will increase congestion and increase the possibility of inflammation.

4.To maintain an appropriate sexual life.

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