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Prostate Causes Male Sterility

Prostatitis, epididymitis and vesiculitis influences spermiation. Prostatitis causes ejaculatory duct dropsy and obstruction, which account for obstructive oligospermatism or azoospermia.

Azoospermia, a kind of infertility, means the active ratio of semen is zero; or the testicle produces no sperm.Prostatitis Leads to Necrospermia:

Sperm is produced in the convoluted seminiferous tubule of testicle. Microscopically, a sperm looks like a pollywog, having a round head and a long thin wail. Varieties of reasons cause the deaths of sperms; when the death rate of sperm exceeds 50%, sterility will be caused, which is medically called azoospermia.

Bacteria in urethra can get into prostate, spermatophore, spermaduct, epididymis, testicle through ejaculatory duct and cause inflammatory pathological changes.

After being produced, sperms move to epididymis first and then to spermatophore through spermaduct. Spermatophore can secrets seminal vesicle fluid which contains nutrient substance needed by sperms for their existence.

When the bacteria reproduce in genital tract, they secrete some hazardous substance which is harmful to sperms. For example, acidic substance secreted by bacteria reduces the PH value in male genital tract, which causes acidosis of sperms. On the other hand, bacterial reproduction consumes abundant of nutriments and nutrient substance needed by sperms, which destroys the environment of sperms and leads them to death.

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