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Prostatitis and Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction or sexual malfunction (see also sexual function) refers to a difficulty experienced by an individual or a couple during any stage of a normal sexual activity, including desire, arousal or orgasm.

As one of the complication of prostatitis, dysfunction sometimes make patients feel confused. According to the causes and the theory of prostatitis, prostatitis do not influence the function of testis, and it do no harm to the blood vessels and nerve. It means that there is no direct link between dysfunction and prostatitis. Then why so may prostatitis patients suffer from dysfunction or impotence?

Some prostatitis patients have no comprehensive awareness of prostatitis, and the irritation of this chronic disease would bring patients symptoms such as pain in penis or testis. Those symptoms bring patients lots of pressure, as a result, patients would be depressed and worry about their sexual function. Their libido would decrease if they suffer from the depression for a long time. Because of the irritation of inflammation, premature ejaculation and pain in ejaculation would recur. In this case, patients would be afraid to have intercourses, so the times of sex reduce and the libido decrease.

As a result, dysfunction which is caused by prostatitis is totally mental issue. Patients should try to get more information about the disease and do not be overworried while treating prostatitis. Prostatitis have a sort of influence to sexual function, however most patients can finish normal intercourses. Normal intercourses sometimes do not aggravate the symptoms of prostatitis, they promote the prostatitis treatment effect somehow.

If prostatitis is successfully cured, the problems with the potency should go down themselves. If prostatitis was treated and the potency were not fully restored – these cases are subject to neuropsychiatric correction, as the reasons lie in this area. Go see an neurologist then.

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