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Mycoplasma Prostatitis

When mycoplasma urethritis is not healed betimes, the prostate will be infected at the base of the mycoplasma catching the urethral mucosa. The infection causes prostatitis. And the mycoplasma prostatitis is always is associated with other bacterial contamination. As the result it is suggested to check the bacterial prostatitis and incubate the mycoplasma at same time. Infertile males have to take prostate routine examination and mycoplasma determination because abnormal semen Infertilities can be caused by reproductive tract mycoplasma infected prostatitis. The general impact of ureaplasma urealyticum(UU) working on semen is mainly manifested in liquefied duration prolonging, the sperm density reducing, their activity rate depressing and rate of teratosperm increasing. All of these will effect male fertility.

Suffers who are diagnosed infertility aroused by UU prostatitis or mycoplasma prostatitiscan be cured by traditional Chinese medicine. UU can be killed, prostate recovers and semen returns to normal by taking the treatment.

Chinese herb has exceptional power in curing mycoplasma prostatitis. Patients'UU test result is about to turn negative in three months, then lecithin body reaching 3-4 plus, and cured at last.

Chinese traditional medicine has the ability of making hard things soft. Some activating blood and dissolving blood-stasis herbs can elimination inflammatory nodules. Some can unblock gland when tissue becomes fibrosis, gland turns hypertrophy and thick. Others combines antipyretic and antidotal remedy with activating blood and dissolving blood-stasis ones that can eliminate glands inside inflammatory substances, empyema and so on. Gland Inflammation is about to be diminished, then patency, prostate germ cleaned, and urethra without puriform secretion when germs in nodules which obstruct the gland are destroyed. This is one standard for checking the mycoplasma prostatitis cured or not by oneself.

Inflammatory stimulation drives prostate mast, compress the urethra and cause urine in bladder impeded. Suffers stand some symptoms such as greater urgency, difficult urination, weak stream, urinate waiting , uinary endless, bifurcation of urination and dirty urine. The former medicine return prostate to normal size, healing those signs.

Clinical Case

Male male infertility caused by mycoplasma prostatitis:

Name: Mr. Yang male 27 address: Taiyuan, Shanxi Time to hospital: 2007-5Complaints: He got testicle pain. The tests for prostate and semen show that mycoplasma is positive, a little lecithin and 45 percent azoospermia. The patient reflects testicle pain instead of swelling when he had taken the medicine 20 days.

Suffers will not get resistance by Chinese traditional medicine. Patients only have to focus on diet and sanitation so that prostatitis and mycoplasma and chlamydia infection must be cured. No attention no effective. Thus serious treatment is required.

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