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Guzzling Bear and Coke May Cause Prostatitis

In summer, two conditions are possible to occur on prostatitis sufferers:

1. Because blood vessels dilates, the edema and congestion of the prostate get released. As a result, their symptoms such as urgent urinate or frequent urinate rleases.

2. On the contrary, because the metabolism is exuberant in summer, drinking too much bear and coke may induce prostatitis or aggravate the symptoms. 

As it is hot in summer, the secretion of sweat increases. If the body cannot gain water in time, urine volume decreases. And metabolism is faster in summer than in winter, men would probably be hydropenic. The increase of urine concentration would aggravate prostate diseases. So it is suggested that men( except those with heart disease or nephrojpathy) should drink much water. Drinking water regularly and drink as much as 1500ml water can help protect the urinary system.


Wallow for ball games also may cause prostate diseases. Drinking bear, smoking, being obsessed with splendidness and even no urinating in time all would do harm to men's prostates. Sitting for long and holding back urinate are the main causes of prostatitis. If you want to keep a healthy prostate, those factors are all should be noticed and avoided.

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