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Proper Diet Helps You to Get Rid of Prostatitis

Prostatitis has been a common disease among men. What foods are good or bad for this medical condition can be a question which puzzles lots of sufferers. Among the food we eat every day, some are of irritation, which do cause allergy or trigger symptoms of prostate problems.


Then what is a proper diet for people with prostatitis?


1 Always keep in mind to drink large amounts of water, in order to increase urination. Urination is a measure that our bodies expel wastes. So to increase urination is to promote the expelling of toxic materials. Drink fifty percent of your weight in oz. of water per day.


2 According to New York University's Langone Medical Center, spicy food (food that has been cooked with hot pepper, salsa, and chili pepper) are proved to worsen prostatitis symptoms. 


3 Choose fresh and unprocessed foods rather than pickles or processed foods. This is not only for a healthy prostate, but also for a healthy body.


4 Alcohol, with its bad effect on prostatitis, can aggravate the symptoms or even trigger it.


5 Try to avoid drinks or foods rich in caffeine. They cause irritation and dehydration.


6 Eat food rich in Vitamins, amino acids, and fibers. Prostate health supplements or other supplements in order to balance the nutrition are without any effect on prostatitis.


7 According to traditional Chinese medicine, fishes and seafoods are with too much "fire", which can aggravate prostatitis. So not to eat animals living under the water.


8 Vitamin c, vitamin E, selenium and zinc are very important in this diet, for they can enhance body immunity, can help healing, and can prevent from infections somehow. But do not intake more than 15 mg of zinc daily, that would cause toxicity.


Actually it is proved in clinical cases that having any spicy food or alcohol during the treatment can be a more noticeable factor which causes treatment failure.

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