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What is the Relation of BPH and Sexual Intercourses?

BPH, known as Benign Prostate Hyperplasia, is a common chronic disease among advanced men. The sufferers age are all over their 50s. But can sexual intercourses affect or arouse BPH?


BPH is also called enlarged prostate, the morbidity increases with age. When men are around the age of 45, there prostate got two trends: part of them are trending to wither, while the other are enlarging.


As the prostate gland is located beneath the bladder, and the urethra is through prostate, when the prostate is enlarging and oppress the urethra, you may got urinary problems.


There still remains dispute on the causes of prostate enlargement. There is one view that BPH can be affected or aroused by sexual intercourses. And there are researches indicates that men who have 2 times per week intercourses in their youth, and have one time per week, and one time every two to three week, have lower BPH morbidity. Also their prostate enlargement is slighter. Morbidity increases with frequency of having intercourses. That monks and single men seldom occur pathologic prostate enlargement, also proves this standpoint.

As a result, it is suggested that to prevent from BPH, men should neither restrain nor indulge in sex. Having too much sexual intercourses in short time, the prostate would be congestive, which would cause pathologic prostate enlargement. Especially in middle age, you should take good care of your prostate, and let it rest.


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