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Three types of Prostatitis

Prostatitis often produce high amounts of pain and uncomfortability. The main cause of the pain and suffering comes from your prostate gland when it gets swollen due mainly to some type of bacterial infection. That is usually the cause but it’s no exclusive to infections which create inflammation around the prostate. 

Medical professionals have categorized the specific condition into exactly three different types which include bacterial causes like acute, chronic and also chronic non bacterial versions. Of course each one has it’s own set of specifics and even though causes are common in two of the categories it is not common in one. In other words acute and chronic bacterial are both caused by infections or bacterial activity while chronic non bacterial a whole different set of conditions and causes which we will cover below.
Two of the three, acute and chronic bacterial are generally caused by infections or bacteria around the prostate area. Both are treatable but the chronic is tougher to beat. If you get continuous infections due to a weak immune system you are more likely to experience prostatitis infections more often than not.
The third type of Prostatitis is the non bacterial version which of course is much harder to detect the cause. Most likely it comes from an actual physical injury to the prostate or penis area. Their have even been situations where food has been directly linked with type 3 which is the non bacterial prostatitis. However there are many doctors who agree with the findings of an independant study which suggested that certain food can cause conditions which lead to Prostatitis.
If you feel that you may have some of the symptoms it is important that you visit your current medical doctor in order to get checked up in proper form and to start a treatment if you do in fact have the condition. Diagnosing it early is definitely important and can help you recover not only sooner but allowing you to experience less discomfort. Make sure and follow through with your treatment, sometimes it is as simple as taking anti biotics other times longer term such an TCM treatement with Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is needed.

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