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What to do when prostatitis symptoms affect sex life?

Once a man gets prostatitis symptoms, one of the things he might experience is pain at the tip of his penis. Kind of hard to make love when your penis feels like it's been through a meat grinder. You might also find ejaculating painful, too. 

It started out as a small pain when you hadn't had sex in a while then, over time, it was painful every time. It scares you, and you start wondering if you'll ever be able to have pain free sex again -- and longing for those teenage years when everything was free and clear down in the nether region.
If you have ever experienced prostatitis symptoms, then you know how the burning, painful condition can make your life a living hell. Especially your sex life. Prostatitis is murder on your sex life.
And the sooner you take steps to prevent it or stop it from getting worse, the better. This is why it's important to drink lots of water every day. Eat "clean" foods, especially foods with vitamins in them. Also, you should take herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill if you suffer prostatitis for many years. This is mandatory if you have prostate problems. 
Anyway, if you're suffering from prostatitis symptoms, take the above tips to heart if you want to improve your situation and have healthy sex again. While antibiotics can work on you, traditional Chinese herbal medicine could be the best choice.

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