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Prostatitis Accompanies UTI

The prostate gland of men is before the bladder and surrounding the urethra. Prostate gland secretes prostate fluid which can fight against Gram-negative bacterium. By this means, the fluid can somehow prevent the urinary system from infections. Meanwhile, because the urethra is where the prostate fluid expels, once the prostate is inflamed or infected, UTI may occur.


Prostatitis causes UTI, and can be caused by UTI as well. Study shows that the pathogenic bacteria of UTI are the same with those of prostatitis. Nearly 80% of bacterial prostatitis are caused by E.coli, so does UTI.


The prostate gland is part of men's genital system, and is close to the urethra. Thus some scholars classify prostatitis as UTI. Seldom men younger than 50 years old develop UTI. One of the reasons is that the prostate fluid can kill some bacteria. However, once UTI occurs, prostatitis sedondarily develops.


For acute prostatitis with UTI, common treatment is to use antimicrobial. This can be a effect and prompt treatment for this condition, however, on the other hand, the condition often recurs.  Chronic bacterial prostatitis is a main cause of UTI, most antibiotics cannot work effectively in the prostate gland. This is the reason why prostatitis can be very knotty on some sufferers. As a result, a better choice to cure prostatitis is traditional Chinese medicine, eg, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. The treatment takes three to four months. The herbal medicine can be highly concentrated in the prostate gland so that to completely kill pathogens.

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