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Why You Need Diuretic Herbs Since You Have Urinary Problems Caused by Prostatitis?

Prostatitis Symptoms

Prostatitis symptoms vary depending on the type of prostatitis you have. In general, the symptoms are related to pain or discomfort in the pelvic region, problems with urination and problems with ejaculations. Signs and symptoms may include:

Difficulty urinating, such as dribbling or hesitant urination
Frequent urination, particularly at night (nocturia)
Urgent need to urinate
Pain in the abdomen, groin or lower back
Pain in the area between the penis and rectum (perineum)
Pain or discomfort of the penis or testicles
Painful ejaculations


Why prostatitis cause urinary problems?

The prostate gland is very close to bladder, also the gland is surrounding urethra . When prostatitis cccurs, the gland is congestive and enlarged. Once the gland is enlarged and congestive, it oppresses the urethra and bladder.


As we all know, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can cure prostatitis in several months, and there're diuretic herbs in its very complex prescription. In the first course of treatment, urination is possible to be more frequent. This condition can be confusing to some sufferers.


Why You Need Diuretic Herbs Since You Have Urinary Problems?

Before the treatment, you suffer from frequent urinate because the enlarged prostate gland.

When the treatment begins, you have more frequent urination because of the function of diuretic herbs. The urine is the only carrier which can expel waste and toxic materials from your body. To promote urinate is to promote the expelling of toxin.

About one course treatment later, urination frequency is going to reduce, because the prostate is no longer enlarged.

This is how diuretic herbs are going to work in the prostate gland and cure prostatitis.

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