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How does prostatitis affect sexual function

 Chronic prostatitis is a common disease in men, if they can start earlier attention to prevention of chronic prostatitis, can reduce the incidence of chronic prostatitis, while reducing harm to patients with chronic prostatitis. Facts have proved that chronic prostatitis may lead to many other types of diseases, including male dysfunction, urinary system diseases, prostatitis, I will introduce the following effects on sexual function for several reasons:

First, the prostatitis is bacterial in nature itself, or aseptic, so-called aseptic is prostate pain syndrome, can cause pain, because pain itself can cause the bodys many changes, the body is a lot of factors activated, can cause a series of changes.
Second, if the pathogens that cause prostatitis, this pathogen has its own toxins, toxin stimulation, can also cause impotence, premature ejaculation, impotence in particular, what causes the specific, yet to be explored further , summary.
Third, the treatment of prostatitis, itself needs a lot of drugs, medicine, Chinese medicine, especially medicine, some of the large number of antibiotics, some for treatment of pain, with some local anesthetic, sedative or body, so also can cause impotence premature ejaculation.
Fourth, the general prostatitis, long time, can cause secretion system dysfunction, we all know, the sympathetic and parasympathetic erection is dominated, if patients with chronic prostatitis, more or less autonomic nervous system can cause the disorder. Normal excitement, the normal inhibition was destroyed, so the erection will be affected.
Fifth, the Chinese say chronic prostatitis, long time, can cause kidney and kidney-yang deficiency, kidney deficiency itself can lead to impotence or premature ejaculation.
Finally, is the most important, that is, psychological problems, such as prostatitis, especially the heavier prostate pain syndrome, or infected with pathogens or sexually transmitted diseases, caused by prostatitis, and the symptoms more severe , pain, discomfort, lower abdominal, perineal bulge, abdominal pain, some patients that it is the cure prostatitis, and his gravity pressure is particularly great. This disease has embarrassed to tell others, but also embarrassed to find the object, probably affect the woman, but a bad treatment, spend a lot of money, a lot of energy to cure, so the patients psychological stress is particularly great. As long as a psychological stress increases anxiety, insomnia, general malaise, etc., sexual function will be affected.

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