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Is your fertility still under the affection of prostatitis even after cured?

Prostate gland is one of the main organs in man's genital system. It produces prostate fluid, which is a composition of the semen. When the prostate gland is infected, the semen is surely affected. Then, is there a possibility that prostatitis causes some permanent damage on the gland and will always affect the fertility?


For chronic nonbactrial prostatitis patients, the most possible factor which affects their fertility is sexual dysfunction. This sexual dysfunction is more likely to be caused by mental factors. Thus as long as chronic nonbacterial prostatitis get cured, the dysfunction is no longer a problem.


For chronic bacterial prostatitis, it is the pathogen which do harm to the semen.


Let's see how bacterial prostatitis affects the semen.


- When bacteria breed in the tractus genitalis, they produce harmful element and affect the subsistence of sperm.
- The breed of bacteria consume a large amount of nutrient component that support the existence of sperm. They spoil the environment of the sperm existence and lead to the death of sperm.
- Bacteria discharge many acidity element which reduce the PH level in the tractus genitalis while they are breeding. Thus acidosis occurs on sperm.
- The breed of bacteria also need oxygen which is necessary for sperm .


So it is the pathogen which caused a sperm problem. Once the pathogen are completely eliminated in the treatment, the sperm are going to be back to normal.


To sum up, prostatitis do no permanent harm to the sperm and fertility. If you're suffering from prostatitis, don't worry about your fertility anymore. Ease up and follow the advices from your doctors to cure it.

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