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Is coffee related to enlarged prostate?

Enlarged prostate is a condition in men that causes uncomfortable urinary tract and bladder problems when the prostate gland expands. Located under your bladder, your prostate naturally grows with age and can press against the urethra, a tube that runs from the bladder through the prostate and penis.


Symptoms of the condition, known as BPH, include frequent urination, particularly at night; difficulty beginning to urinate, dribbling after urination is complete, inability to urinate or completely empty your bladder, blood or pain during urination and a weak urine flow.


In some articles, we can see coffee has some relationships with enlarged prostatitis. Coffee is a caffeinated beverage that can aggravate symptoms of enlarged prostate. While caffeine is well known for its ability to stimulate the nervous system to help keep you alert, it is also a diuretic. A diuretic increases urine production by the kidneys and helps eliminate fluid from your body. In men who have an enlarged prostate and an already irritated or obstructed bladder, this can worsen symptoms by boosting urination frequency and the sudden and intense need to urinate.


Thus, if you are suffering enlarged prostate symptoms, you should avoid drinking too much coffee. If your symptoms of enlarged prostate is very serious, herbal medicine can help you to eradicate this condition. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is herbal medicine, which can clear away heat and toxic material and promote blood circulation is suggested to take.

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