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At what age you may develop an enlarged prostate?

The causes of benign prostatic hyperplasia are not fully understood. Several theories have been proposed to explain benign cell growth in older men. Here are some questions about enlarged prostate.

Can enlarged prostate occur in a young man?
Prostate enlargement is a function of aging- the older you are, the more likely that you are going to develop an enlarged prostate. Prostate growth is controlled by testosterone and some of its metabolic breakdown products.
35 years old is fairly young to be diagnosed with an enlarged prostate. There are several other conditions of the lower urinary tract that can mimic the symptoms of an enlarged prostate. Before living the rest of your life with the label of having an enlarged prostate (and the label may be wrong), I would recommend evaluation by a urologist who will figure out what is really going on.
Can anal intercourse harm an enlarged prostate?
The physical act of anal intercourse should not theoretically have any harm on the prostate. The act of anal intercourse can cause some minor trauma to the prostate that could result in hematospermia (blood in the semen). However this is usually self limited and should be of no concern.

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