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How to prevent the relapse of prostatitis?

If I were a prostatitis patient, I will do everything i given up after have had this disease when i get rid of this disease. However, if you hold this view, you are wrong and you may already on the way to affect this disease again.

Actually, your prostate gland can be damaged by bacteria, so even your prostatitis is cured, your prostatitis is very weak too and easy to be invaded by bacteria again, and this is the reason why the relapse rate of prostatitis is so high.
Here are something you should pay attention to if you want far away from this disease.
No spicy foods
Spicy foods can extend blood vessel and make vessels easy to be penetrated, so the inflamed prostate will congest and press or irritate urinary tract, causing trouble urination, frequent urination, urgent urination, and swelling. Some patients hold the view that beer which is in low alcohol, so it won't bring bad effect to prostatitis, but the truth is, as long as the volume of beer is large enough, same consequence can be causes by beer.
No long time sitting and staying up late
Please don’t sit for a long time, especially those men who love to pay cards, because long time sitting will make pelvic area congestion, causing prostatitis again. What's more, men also have to avoid staying up late, because immunity system can be weakened by it, and the relapse of this disease become easily.
Proper sexual intercourse
Some chronic prostatitis patients stop sexual intercourse when they find that they have had this disease. Actually, this is wrong, because this also will bring bad effects to prostate gland just like excessive intercourse. The truth is, proper sex not only won't make this disease severer, but also can make this disease milder. Proper sex can make your prostate fluid fresh, which is good for prostate gland.
All in all, although the relapse rate of this disease is very high, as long as you can follow the three ways or do a good prevention, you can avoid relapse successfully. 

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