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Cure Frequent urination caused by prostatitis thoroughly, herbal treatment would be the best

Many prostatitis patients don’t know what is prostatitis but they must know what symptoms this disease will bring, because they are victims of its symptoms. Prostatitis can bring symptoms like urgent urination, frequent urination, painful urination, fever, low back pain, sexual dysfunction and so on, but frequent urination is one of the most annoying symptoms because this symptom makes patients cannot get a good sleep.


Commonly, there are no good ways to cure this symptom in western medical system. Most of the time, the disappearing of frequent urination depends on when prostatitis cured. Although some prostatitis can be cured by antibiotics in weeks, around 90% prostatitis are chronic nonbacterial prostatitis, which cannot be cured by antibiotics. Therefore, many patients have to bear this symptom all their lives.
TCM( traditional Chinese medicine) is a medical system that used to guid how to use herbs. Traditional Chinese medicine is a safe medical system because harmful effect can be neutralized and good effect can be enhanced. Thus, TCM is one of the most safety medicine system.
Frequent urination caused by prostatitis should be cured by an herbal pill named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. This herbal pill is diuretic, thus, frequent urination can be solved. Patients don’t have to urinate frequent at night. After taking this pill, at the first few days, urination times might be increased, but it will be decreased then. 
In addition to frequent urination, this pill also has many other functions such as promoting blood circulation, improving Qi, clearing away heat and toxic materials, dissipating hard lumps and dissolving stasis and so on. 
Patients also don’t have to worry about the harms on live and kidney and drug resistance. As you may know that although curative effect of TCM is excellent, it commonly works slowly. however Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has a guiding drug which can make all other herbs focus on one position, so generally speaking, chronic nonbacterial prostatitis can be cured within three months, let alone frequent urination.

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