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Bladder cancer postoperative concurrent prostatitis can be cured by TCM

Bladder cancer is the most common malignant tumor in the urinary system, and the incidence used to occupy the first place of all the urinary tract cancer. Its etiology is unclear, so we generally take the frequent exposure to carcinogens such as naphthylamine, benzidine and other related everyday common dyes into consideration. Some people choose to take the surgery, but after that, the complication prostatitis would follow.
Let's see the example of Mr.Guo:
5 years ago, he had an examination in the hospital for several times of blood urine, after the cystoscopy and biopsy diagnosis, he was diagnosed with bladder cancer. What's worse, there are also a bladder tumor in it and the pathologic stage appears to be two.
So first, he did the minimally invasive surgery to resect tumor. After two months later, he made a reexamination which showed that there is something wrong in the edge of the remove parts, and the doctor suspected that it may be a relapse. Then he did the surgery again. After two operations, there is no evidence of recurrence, but the doctor suggested insisting on the intravesical instillation.
In this way, he continued for three years. At the beginning, he took it every three months, then once every six months. However, each time of the intravesical instillation, he got a testicular pain.
During the Spring Festival this year, the testicular pain appears obvious, and then slowly turned to the small abdominal pain, and perineal pain. He immediately went to the hospital, and it appeared to be prostatitis, and it regard to be the result of the repeated perfusion.
Then he turned the Dr.lee for help. With several times of communication, he started to take the Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory pills for a treatment. At the beginning, he only brought a course, but the effect is not obvious. So he almost intended to withdraw drugs. But as the course generally gone, the symptoms have a significant change. Testicular pain is no longer present, and the perineal pain did no longer exist.
Then he set the two-time courses. After three courses of medicine, the prostatitis indicators are back to normal while cystoscopy found no suspicious objects, the most notably one is that the bladder capacity became 200ml, which indicated that the disease has completely recovery.
This is a patient who did the bladder cancer patients while infected with prostatitis. The reason why Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory pill could able to reach his satisfactory results that it not only gave an effect on the prevention of recurrence after a certain sense, but also has a function to cure the prostatitis simultaneously.

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