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What's the dietary therapy of the prostatitis?

Prostatitis is the common diseases of male prostate diseases. The appearance and recurrence of the prostatitis can not only make the patients uncomfortable but also cause many complications if left treated. The treatment of prostatitis is focused on many patients because the prostatitis has great harm to the couples'marriage. 


To make sure the treatment effect, the dietary therapy has great effect to cure prostatitis. Therefore, the herbalist Dr.Lee Xiaoping tells that prostatitis is caused by the deficiency of the kidney and bladder gasification adverse. So, the patients should choose some foods that are beneficial to bladder and kidney. Besides, they should avoid some irritant, spicy and greasy foods. Then, what's the dietary therapy of the prostatitis?  


Some medicinal vegetables and fruit are good for curing prostatitis  


There are much food can have a supplementary treatment with prostatitis. The medicinal food such as chestnut stew chicken, Hester Prynne pollen, putaojian can clear away heat and bacteria of the prostate. What's more, the medicinal vegetables can nourish your kidney to help the patients eliminate the toxin of the prostate. Some fruit like sugarcane, watermelon, and apple are good for supplementing trace element to enhance the immunity for prostatitis patients. 


Some staple foods and soy foods to help the prostatitis urinate normally


The diuretic food like Japonica rice, millet, corn flour is beneficial to have the function of diuresis for the patients. If the prostatitis patients urinate normally, they can flash away the metabolic waste through the urine, which can release the re-infected inflammation of the prostate. Furthermore, there are some soy foods such as green beans, beans, soy beans and black beans which can help the patients urinate. 


Some irritant, spicy and greasy foods should be avoided 


The right diet for prostate has a great effect on the prostatitis treatment. However, inappropriate food will bring huge damage to the patients. As we know, the strong irritant foods, such as wine, onion and garlic and other spicy foods have the bad effect on inflammatory of the prostate, and it can easily cause the spread of inflammation. Besides, the dog, cow, lamb, seafood which can cause inflammation of the prostate should be avoided as well. This is what the Chinese say heat syndrome should avoid the spicy food. 


Through the introduction by the Dr.Lee, I think men have a basic understanding of dietary therapy. The dietary therapy can bring certain effect on the prostatitis treatment. However, it's slow and slight effects which may delay the prostatitis treatment. The herbal pill like Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill contains many herbs can relieve urine and clear away heat and bacteria, which can eliminate the inflammation of the prostate. 


What's more, the herbal pill which is pure and no side effect can activate blood and resolve stasis of the prostate, which can make the inflammatory prostate rejuvenated. With the herbal pill and the adjuvant dietary therapy, the prostatitis can be cured effectively and rapidly.

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