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Can Running Cure Prostatitis?

Prostatitis is a common disease for men, especially for ones who are under the age of 50. There are many reasons to cause this disease, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, holding back urine for a long time, bacterial infection etc. and it is known that running is an effective way to prevent prostatitis. However, when diagnosed, many people mistake that running is still a good way to cure prostatitis.


Appropriate sports are beneficial to promote the blood circulation and enhance immunity, which can keep far away from many diseases. Due to the special location of prostate, running can promote the blood circulation of prostate and other organs and tissues around it. At the same time, regular running has the same function of massage that is helpful to cure prostatitis. However, it is just considered as an adjuvant therapy once ones are diagnosed prostatitis.


Therefore, in order to cure prostatitis once and for all, it is necessary to take medicines like western medicines or Chinese medicines. That is to say, according to the patients' conditions, they can choose antibiotics as a short-term treatment or Chinese herbal medicines can be considered as a long-term radical treatment.


There is one thing patients need to know that antibiotics just can be used in a short time because of its resistance and tolerance to drugs. If the disease continues reappearing, patients have to stop taking antibiotics because it might be invalid to cure the disease. At this time, the Chinese herbal medicines that are made from the pure natural herbs can play the key role to cure prostatitis.


Nowadays, the Chinese herbal medicines have been accepted by more and more people because of its remarkable effect and no side effects. Take diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill for example, it is made from the pure natural herbs that can not only kill bacteria but also improve immunity. 


Anyway, it is terrible to infect prostatitis. If untreated timely, patients may be confused by infection of other reproductive organs, and infertility might be the worse. Therefore, in addition to running, choosing the suitable treatment is as important as or even more important than adjuvant therapy. In the view of curative effect, diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill can cure prostatitis from the root in about three months and never reappear.

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