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The couple should be treated simultaneously when having gonococcal prostatitis

Gonococcal prostatitis, an inflammation caused by urethral gonococcal ascending infection, is more common in young men. Clinically, gonococcal prostatitis may cause reduced sexual function, endocrine disorders, and even gynecological diseases in women. Therefore, for the treatment of gonococcal prostatitis, it is more important for couple to be treated at the same time. 


Gonococcal prostatitis can be divided into acute and chronic types. In the stage of acute type, the symptoms are more obvious. Patients can appear perineal swelling, pain, tenderness, local high temperature and other symptoms. If the inflammation spreads to the bladder neck and triangle area, patients may also have frequency, urgency, dysuria and other symptoms. In the stage of chronic type, patients may feel the symptoms like mild tenderness, urethral itching, burning sensation when urinating, sexual dysfunction etc. 


Thus it can be seen that whether it is acute or chronic type, gonococcal prostatitis brings great impact to patients. Therefore, once diagnosed, patients need to take promptly treatment. However, only do men take unilaterally treatment cannot cure this disease radically. Like fungus, trichomonas, mycoplasma, chlamydia or gonococcal infection which can cause prostatitis, when the couple have sex, these pathogens are easy to invade female reproductive organs, causing some gynecological diseases to the wife. Besides, the inflammation of the wife can also spread to the husband, making his prostatitis worse. And there are the reasons why it is important for the couple to be treated at the same time. Then, how can they be treated? 


Western medicine like antibiotic is a common method for treating this disease. For example, for patients with severer symptoms, they can take intravenous Etimicin Sulfate Injection, Ceftriaxone and Ofloxacin. However, because antibiotics cannot pass through the lipid membranes of prostate epithelium and enter into the prostate gland, the treatment effect is relatively limited. 


In addition to antibiotics, traditional Chinese medicine is a conservative choice for patients. Some traditional Chinese medicines have a good effect on gonococcal prostatitis such as the herbal medicine diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill.


Diuretic anti-inflammatory pill has an effect of antisepsis and anti-inflammation; it can kill the pathogens radically. And because of its exact curative effect, it has been recognized by national patent. Besides, if the infections spread to genital tract of his wife, gynecological diseases may occur through sexual intercourse. Then, the patients can also be treated by traditional Chinese medicine such as fuyan pill.


In addition to drugs therapy, the couple is suggested to develop a healthy diet. Avoid spicy or greasy foods and pay attention to the nutrition balance.


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