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Candida albicans is a pathogenesis of prostatitis as well


Candida vaginitis, a common gynecological disease, is the vaginal inflammation caused by candida albicans. As we know, candida albicans is a common cause of some gynecological diseases; but it isn't common cause of male diseases. However, in fact, men are also susceptible to candida albicans prostatitis, Mr. Jiang is a typical example. 


Mr. Jiang's wife suffered from Candida vaginitis, she couldn't get cued because of her long-term and recurrent disease. While his wife was ill, they paid enough attention to the sex, for example, avoiding the times of sex and using condoms during intercourse. Before long, the symptoms of his wife were nearly disappeared after several treatments. After an unprotected sex, Mr. Jiang appeared symptoms like inflamed urethra, frequency, urgency, perineal discomfort and so on. After the checkup in hospital, he was found to have prostatitis caused by candida albicans. 


Failure in the long-term treatment in hospital, Mr. Jiang found Wuhan Dr. Lee's TCM clinic by chance. After comprehending his illness, Dr. Lee explained the cause of the disease for him.


Why men can suffer from prostatitis because of candida albicans? 


Candida prostatitis is also a bit more common in clinic. And it is main concurrent with candida urethritis or infected by sexual contact when his partner has candida vaginitis. Besides, the main symptoms of this disease are similar to chronic prostatitis; if untreated, it can not only affect the sexual function of the patients, but also can cause impotence and premature ejaculation. 


Dr. Lee pointed out that, for the treatment of this disease, antimicrobial drugs are commonly used, but because of the drug resistance of these agents, they can't work well for long-term use. For these reasons, TCM is accepted by more and more patients, especially the herbal medicine diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill


After knowing these reasons, Mr. Jiang took the oral herbal medicine for three courses, and he finally got cued after finishing the treatment.


In a word, Candida albicans is also a pathogenesis of prostatitis. When suffering from this illness, patients can choose TCM to heal. What is more, enough attention should be paid to patients, for example, avoiding sexual contact to prevent cross-infection, doing moderate exercise and developing a healthy hygiene habit are necessary for patients.


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