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For teenagers, four aspects could increase the morbidity rate of prostatitis

Most people hold the point that prostatitis is only a condition for adults. However, the truth is, teenagers can also be affected by the prostatitis, even the chance if low. 


There is no doubt that the prostate gland of teenagers becomes larger and the glandular tube which is used to transport prostatic fluid is also well developed too. Therefore, the chance for teenagers is high. 


Here are four aspects could increase the morbidity rate of prostatitis: 


Redundant prepuce


Bad materials like bacteria, virus and pathogens hiding in the winkles caused by redundant are hard to be cleared totally. Therefore, the existed bad materials can invade the reproductive organs bringing balanitis, urethritis and other inflammations to teenagers. Then, the infection in those organs can spread to the nearby organs like prostate.


Infection from the nearby organs


Teenagers can also get the prostatitis if they have infection in their reproductive organs, Take the epididymitis for example, the infection in the epididymis can spread to prostate via blood circulation under a weak immunity. 


Holding urine


It is common for teenagers to hold urine or miss the right urinating time, because they have class to attend. What’s more, teenagers also refuse to urinate when they are occupied by video or computer games. However, holding urine can make the toxic materials contained by urine flowing back with the urine to the prostate gland and then lead to prostatitis. Therefore, prostatitis can also be caused by holding urine.


Un-releasable prostatic fluid


During the puberty, boys and girls fall in love. Therefore, it is unavoidable for them to have some intimate behavior. However, the large amount of secretion discharged by prostate under the intimate behavior cannot be released out properly. Therefore, the prostatic fluid can congest and block the gland tube, bringing prostatitis to teenagers.


All in all, the above mentioned four aspects can increase the morbidity rate of prostatitis for teenagers. To avoid the prostatitis, it is better for teenagers building good living habits and nursing their prostate gland well. However, if you are unlucky and have got the prostatitis already, you can take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill which is invented by Dr. Lee from Wuhan Dr. Lee’s TCM clinic


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