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Distinctions and similarities between prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis

Prostate and seminal vesicle both are auxiliary glands of man’s reproductive system. Their discharges also are main element of the seminal plasma. By watching a medical human organ picture, you will know that the two organs are so close because the seminal vesicle locates above of the prostate.

Since the two organs are so close, not only the cause of the infection on the two organs is, but also the contraction methods and symptoms are same too. What’s more, due to the locations of the two organs, the two diseases commonly occur simultaneously.
The symptoms of the two diseases are same too. The inflammatory discharge from prostate gland can retrograde and enter into seminal vesicle, leading to seminal vesiculitis. On the contrary, the tainted seminal discharge can also enter into the prostate, bringing prostatitis. Therefore, both diseases can bring testicle pain and urinary symptoms like urgent and frequent urination to men. 
Prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis commonly are caused by retrograded toxic urine, so the pathogenic bacterium of them usually are escherichia coli, Staphylococcus and streptococcus faecium.
Prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis have so much in common, but what are the distinctions between them? Actually, they do not have too many differences, except the lesion areas are different. I think the definition of the two diseases already told you. 
Since the two diseases have so much in common, there is any way to figure out what disease men actually affected? And is necessary to ascertain what condition man contracted? Although tests like DRE, ultrasound and prostatic fluid are helpful, there is no need to take them, because the two diseases can be healed by one herbal pill only. Herbal pill - Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can uproot them with three months treatment. 

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