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Prostatitis can also be led by zero Masturbation

As a man you must know that how important the prostate gland is. It is the biggest gland of reproductive organs and the fluid from prostate is also one important part of semen, which is an essential material for semen liquefaction. However, if one gets the prostatitis, his life can be affected greatly.

Many people take a view that prostatitis only can be caused by infection, STD, bad lifestyle and too much masturbation. However, they don’t know that prostatitis can also be led by masturbating without one time.
It is easy to know that too much masturbation can bring the prostatitis to man, because too much masturbation forces the prostate stay in the congestion situation for a long time. And the long-term congestion environment provides an agreeable situation for bacteria to grow and breeding. On the contrary, men who are unwilling to masturbation are also under the threat of prostatitis.
As I mentioned before that the prostatic fluid is one important element of semen, and this is how that our body brings the extra or stale fluid outside. If one do not take masturbation and also cannot have sex with women, the prostatic fluid cannot be flushed outside with the semen. Therefore, the longer you stay off masturbation, the worse stale fluid you will get. Later, as time goes by, the prostate will get weaker and weaker and then finally its function is affected. Thus the prostatitis can also be led by zero masturbation.
All in all, for your health, please do not take the masturbation as devil. You just need to know that everything has two sides. If there disadvantages, there must be advantages. However, if you are the one who have already affected the prostatitis, please take it easy. Prostatitis isn’t a stubborn disease. Prostatitis can be cured by herbal pill - Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill within three-month treatment. What’s more, other advantages you can get from this herbal pill are the improved immunity and the enhanced self-healing. 

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