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Warm Sitz Bath is Helpful for Relieving the Pain Caused by Prostatitis

Prostatodynia torments many males. It’s mainly characterized by symptoms of spasmodic pain in urethral muscle, prostate and perineum. For males, it’s really a kind of torture that hard to say out. The causes of prostate pain are complicated which makes it difficult to cure at present. In order to help relieve the pain, patients should take some non-medicine treatments, such as warm sitz bath. It’s a great choice to ease the prostatodynia.  

The advantages of warm sitz bath.
Warm sitz bath can act as an adjuvant therapy for prostatitis patients and it has good curative effect on easing prostatodynia. When taking warm sitz bath, the temperature of partial area will rise, thus, the muscle of the genital areas will be relaxed and the blood blood vessel will be expanded, it can increase the circulation of blood. In the concept of traditional Chinese medicine, the pain is caused by the resistance of blood and Qi, and the blood stasis blockage.
Warm sitz bath can quicken the circulation of blood and release the partial muscle, so that it can relieve the pain caused by prostatitis.  
The way to take warm sitz bath must be proper, otherwise, it will do more harm than good. 
Though warm sitz bath can be helpful to relieve prostatodynia, patients can’t use this method casually. Patients should pay attention to the temperature of the water and the time to have the bath. Otherwise, it will bring damage to the patients but benefits. 
Long-term warm sitz bath can make the temperature of testicle rise, it will reduce the survival rate of sperm. Therefore, patients should control the time and the temperature, especially for young or patients with reproductive demand. Generally speaking, the temperature of water should be kept at 40-42℃, the time should be controlled within 15-20 minutes. 
In addition to warm sitz bath, the medication treatment is also essential to relieve the prostatodynia. Patients can choose medicines which have the functions of promoting the circulation of blood and Qi, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. This herbal medicine also can clear away heat and toxins to eliminate the pathogenic microorganism which can cause prostatodynia, such as viruses, mycoplasma, Chlamydia. It has obvious curative effect in clinic.   
Patients with prostatitis may have a common feeling that it’s very hard to live with prostatodynia. If you are suffering from this painful period, you can try warm sitz bath to relieve the pain. It should be reminded again that the temperature and time when taking the warm sitz bath must be controlled.
However, the pain relieving is not the ultimate purpose, so patients should take medicines as well, so that the disease can be cured radically. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has comprehensive functions which ahs cured many patients with prostatodynia, it’s a worth-trying medicine. Combined proper medication with adjuvant therapy, the disease can be cured efficiently.  

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