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Why Is Chronic Prostatitis Difficult To Be Cured? How To Cure It Pemanently?

Chronic prostatitis is a common disease in men. However, in the aspect of treatment, there are a large number of publicity in newspapers, magazines and network medias that chronic prostatitis is hard to be cured. The reason for this statement is not difficult to understand. There is a layer of capsula on the surface of prostate, the medicines need to go across this capsula to get into the prostate. As we know, the nutrition and medicines are transported by blood, if the blood vessels of prostate are outside of the capsula, the medicines won’t permeate into the prostate. Is it a truth that the difficulty in curing this disease is result from no blood vessels inside the prostate? Actually, the key to cure this disease is to choose a proper treatment.  


Can capsula affect the cure of prostate? 


Around the prostate, there is a layer of capsula which is formed by connective tissue and smooth muscle, the two structures reach to the essence of the prostate and divide it into several parts, then these form into the substrate of prostate. The prostate gland tissue is formed by 30~50 acini. Urethral prostate arteries enter the prostate gland, go walk in the substrate of the prostate and provide acini to exchange with substances in blood. 


According to the analysis above, we know that there are blood vessels inside prostate.  the nutrition and medicines can be transported to the prostate directly without the influence of prostate capsula. Therefore, the capsula have no impact on the cure of chronic prostatitis.  


Can any of the factors in the prostate affect medicine permeation? 


As we mentioned that prostate gland tissue is formed by acini, but the factor that affect the permeation of medicine is the lipid membrane of acini. There are blood vessels in the prostate substrate while acini have none. So medicines can only go across the membrane of acini to get into the prostate, but can’t permeate into the acini directly. Although some of the antibacterial drugs can get into the Interstitial substance and substrate of prostate to eliminate the inflammation efficiently, it’s not easy for them to permeate into the acini. It’s one of the reasons that cause the difficulty in curing chronic Prostatitis.  


What are other factors that can lead to the difficulty in curing chronic prostatitis?


It’s hard for antibacterial drugs get into the acini is not the only reason that lead to the difficulty in treating chronic prostatitis, the complicated causes can also affect the curative effect. The etiology and pathogenesis of this disease haven’t been studied clearly and completely. It’s said that multiple factors can involve or affect the occurrence of prostatitis directly, such as pathogen infection, immune and neuroendocrine factors, physical and chemical stimuli, pelvic vein diseases, enhanced oxidative stress, mental diseases. What’s worse, the multiple factors may influence the prostate simultaneously. 


The key to cure chronic prostatitis is to find a proper treatment. 


At present, the antibacterial drugs that are commonly used are just aimed at the pathogen infection and they don’t have much effect on other pathogenic factors. This is to say these drugs just kill the pathogen while other pathogenic factors haven’t been changed. Many patients who only take antibacterial drugs usually have dissatisfied curative effect or the disease recurs repeatedly.  


Nowadays, many people have realized the side effects of antibiotics, and they prefer to cure their diseases more naturally. In fact, chronic prostatitis patients can also try natural medicine to cure this stubborn disease. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a herbal medicine that have lots of advantages on treating the disease. This medicine is not just targeted at pathogen, it can improve other factors of prostatitis as well. The herbs in the pill can clear away heat and toxins, promote the circulation of blood and Qi, promote the diuresis and relieve the stranguria. By taking this pill, the root of the disease can be cured within three months.   


Patients with chronic prostatitis can’t take medicines blindly, if the treatment is not suitable for your condition, it may make the disease more difficult to be cured. In addition to the treatment, patients should also attach importance to the living habits, such as avoid eating spicy and stimulating food, no smoking and alcohol, take moderate exercise to enhance the immunity. 


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