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How to Prevent the Recurrence of Prostatitis?

As we know that prostatitis is a stubborn and recurring disease. Patients with this disease have to put up with a series of troublesome symptoms and these can bring mental problems to them as well. If the treatment is not proper or not timely, it can make the disease more difficult to be cured radically. Since prostatitis has high recurrent rate, it’s necessary to know how to prevent the recurrence of this disease. Here are the precautionary measures which can be beneficial to avoid being infected again.    

Firstly, patients need to drink more water just as before. Commonly, the prostate fluid produced by prostate can be discharged to the posterior urethra and get out of the body with the urine. Because the prostate fluid is a very small amount, it can do no harm to a person with normal times of urination. But if the body is lack of water, the normal urination time will be extended, thus, it can cause the long-term of accumulation and concentration of prostate fluid in the posterior urethra. Under this situation, it’s easy to stimulate the urethra and induce prostate infection. Therefore, patients should still keep the habit of drink more water to avoid the infection. 
Secondly, patients should have abstinent sexual life, it can’t be excessive. Generally speaking, moderate sexual life is beneficial to the maintenance of gonad function. But if the sexual life is too frequent, it can cause the excessive congestion and edema of prostate, thus, the urethra can be infected easily by pathogens and then spread to the prostate. Besides, it can also lead to the retention of prostate fluid and semen in the urethra, this can increase the breeding of pathogens and then induce prostatitis. Moreover, clean the genital area before and after sex is also necessary.  
Thirdly, don’t keep long-term sitting. Sitting for a long time make the blood circulation slow, especially the blood of perineum, which can cause the chronic congestion of perineum and prostate. If the prostate is congestive, it can lead to the accumulation of metabolite, prostate gland duct obstruction, and blocked discharge of prostate fluid. Thus, these problems can cause the occurrence of prostatitis. So, it’s very important for people who need to sit for a long time because of work to take a rest or change the position. It’s of benefits to improve the congestive prostate and avoid the prostatitis.  
Last but not least, don’t hold urine. Many people have the bad habit of holding urine, they haven’t realized the damage of this habit. In fact, it’s also a factor of causing prostatitis. Holding urine will make too much urine accumulate in the bladder, the long-term pressure can oppress the prostate and make it lack of blood. Besides, it can make the bacteria and toxins in the urine can’t be discharged timely, thus, it’s will lead to cystitis, urethritis, and prostatitis.  
If you keep to the measures above, you’ll be less likely to be infected by prostatitis. In addition to paying attention to the living habits, you can also avoid the recurrence by taking Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill as consolidation. Because of its purely natural formula, it has no side effects and can efficiently protect you from prostatitis. 

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