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The Relation Between Chronic Prostatitis and Sexual Dysfunction

Chronic prostatitis is a very common disease in males. Except for a series of troublesome symptoms, patients with this disease can also suffer from sexual dysfunction. Because of this, many people confused that whether chronic prostatitis have relation with sexual dysfunction. After reading this article, you’ll find the answer.    

In the theory of western medicine, chronic prostatitis cannot directly damage the neurovascular function which controls the erection of penis. But the long-term discomfort usually bring heavy mental pressure to the patients, so that they have to live with the annoying symptoms as well as worries and depression, especially patients who don’t know much about the disease. These patients often think that they have difficulty in sexual function, thus, the mental factor can make the reduction of libido gradually and then lead to sexual dysfunction. 
Besides, when having sexual excitement, the prostates of prostatitis patients will be congestive, it can cause lesions of muscle nerve blood vessels of pelvis and perineum so that it will lead to painful and premature ejaculation. Some patients are afraid of spreading the inflammation to their spouse, so they develop a fear to the sexual life gradually. Thus, resulting in the reduction of libido.
In the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, any chronic diseases can cause the decrease of immunity. Since chronic prostatitis will damage the kidney little by little, it can lead to problems in sexual life.   
All in all, chronic prostatitis do have impact on patients’ sexual function, however, most of patients can have normal sex, even the patients with severe symptoms. Therefore, during the treatment, patients need to relieve the unnecessary anxieties and worries, and try to understand the medical knowledge about the disease. If necessary, patients can take psychotherapy to get rid of the anxious mood. It’s also beneficial to have moderate sexual life, it won’t aggravate the symptoms but can promote the treatment. 
In order to cure chronic prostatitis radically, patients should be active to get a proper treatment and try to transfer the attention. It’s said that many patients with this disease have no effective treatment. There is a patent herbal medicine called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill which has great curative effect on curing the stubborn disease. It has already cure many sufferers, it’s really a worth-trying medicine.  

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