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Is Chronic Prostatitis Really Horrible As You Think?

Recently, more and more males have infected by chronic prostatitis, and their normal work and life are seriously affected by the annoying symptoms. Some patients have spent lots of time and money on the treatment, but none of these treatments have obvious curative effects, so the disease often recurs. Patients have to suffer from the physical torture and the mental pain as well. Therefore, many patients regard chronic prostatitis as a great disaster, they even think of it as “chronic cancer”. However, is chronic prostatitis really horrible? Is chronic prostatitis an incurable disease? 

As we know, prostate is the biggest accessory gonad of male. It locates at the pelvic cavity. Its secretion of prostate fluid is an essential composition of semen, thus, prostate plays an very important role in male reproductive function. The causes of chronic prostatitis are complicated, here are the main factors:  
Males who ignore the personal hygiene when having sexual life, the urethral orifice can be infected by bacteria, mycoplasma, and Chlamydia as so to causing urethritis. If the treatment is not timely, the pathogenic bacteria will spread to the prostate and lead to prostatitis. Because males at the age of 20 to 40 usually have frequent sexual life, so they have higher morbidity.   
Males have excessive sexual life or have no sexual life at all can be easy to induce chronic prostatitis. The excessive sexual life can make the congestion of urethra and prostate, so that the bacteria will be easily to invade the prostate through the urethra, then cause prostatitis.    
The bad living habits like long-term sitting can cause inflammation of prostate. that’s because sit for a long time will cause the congestion of prostate, thus, the metabolite will accumulate and cause the blockage of prostatic glandular duct so that the discharge of glandular fluid is blocked. Therefore, drivers and office workers have high risk of getting chronic prostatitis.  
According to the causes above, if males pay no attention to the maintenance of prostate, it’s very likely to be infected by chronic prostatitis. Besides, because of the special location of prostate and the medicines can be resisted by prostatic capsule, the curative effect will be unobvious with only antibiotics. In addition, the long-term antibiotics treatment will lead to the side effects like dysbacteriosis and damages of liver and kidneys.  
However, the good news is chronic prostatitis in not an incurable disease. Comprehensive treatment, which combined traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine, is the most efficient treatment accepted by most of patients at present. Here are the specific methods: 
1.Patients need to take prostate fluid bacterial culture and drug sensitive test so that they can be prescribed proper antibiotics to eliminate the pathogenic bacteria. 
2.Physiotherapy can be used to change the permeability of vascular wall, thus, it can promote the blood flow and decrease the prostatic congestion. It can also improve the concentration of medicine on the prostate so that the bactericidal ability can be greatest exerted.     
3.Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM ) plays a very important role in the treatment of chronic prostatitis. A patent medicine named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a kind of TCM, it can relieve the inflammation by clear away heat and toxins and promote the circulation of blood and qi to radically cure the residual inflammation. Thus, the function of immune system can be improved and the prostate will return to normal.  
4.During the treatment, patients can take half an hour of warm sitz bath. It’s beneficial for the recovery of the prostate. But unmarried males can’t take long-term sitz bath since the high temperature will affect the quality of sperm vitality.  
5.In order to get better curative effect, patients need to change the bad living habits, such as avoid long-term sitting, no smoking and alcohol, stay away from spicy and stimulating food. Patients should keep moderate sexual life. Eat more vegetables and fruit are helpful to the treatment. In order to enhance the immunity, patients can take moderate exercise.  
During the treatment of chronic prostatitis, patients should keep a positive attitude. Though patients should attach importance to the damages of this disease, the excessive fear, anxiety, tension, negative mentality all can affect the treatment, and even cause mental disease. It’s no horrible to be infected by chronic prostatitis if patients take a proper treatment and obey the living principles with positive attitude.  

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