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What Foods Can Prostatitis Patients Eat?

In our daily life, many males are suffering from prostatitis. As the increasing occurrence of this disease, most of males start caring about it. The unbearable symptoms can severely affect patients’ normal life and cause many problems to them. Thus, males should attach enough importance to the disease, except for taking a timely medication like Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, they also have to know what foods can be beneficial to the them.   

The occurrence of prostatitis is just as its name implies that it’s an inflammation of the prostate. With the weak resistance, it’s very likely to be infected with this disease. Therefore, male patients should eat foods that have the functions of improving the immunity and diminishing inflammation. Vegetables like white gourd, Chinese cabbage, black agaric can provide good effect of inducing diuresis, eliminating toxicants and enhance the immunity. 
Prostatitis also has something to do with the deficiency of the kidney. Therefore, patients can eat food that can reinforce the kidney, such as black soybean, black sesame. These cereal have the properties of reinforcing the kidney and replenishing the blood. The symptoms will be relieved if the blood circulation of kidney becomes normal. So patients can get rid of the disease as soon as possible.  
Moreover, it’s helpful for patients to eat more vegetables and fruits which are rich in water so as to increase the urination. But excessive intake can lead to the rise of abdominal pressure which can aggravate the symptoms. Therefore, patients should limit the daily intake. What’s more, patients should also drink more water than usual to increase the urination so that the bacteria can be flushed out.  
What mentioned above is a brief introduction of diet for prostatitis patients. Though these foods can’t eliminate the inflammation completely, they can play important roles in relieving the symptoms. Besides, patients can’t ignore the treatment since the untreated disease can lead to other complications like acute seminal vesiculitis, acute urinary retention, sexual dysfunction, and even infertility. To keep the prostate in good health, it’s significant to have a timely and proper treatment if noticed the signs of prostatitis. Herbal Medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be an alternative treatment for curing this disease.    

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