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4 Misunderstandings Of Prostatitis

If you are careful enough, it’s not difficult to find that there are a large number of  advertisements about prostatitis in the daily newspaper, radio, television and other media. You will find that you have some of these symptoms if you see the promoted posts, that is to say you have infected with “prostatitis”. Many male patients go to the hospitals to have a treatment because of these advertisements. Is it really as what advertisements say? 


You can also find that most of these advertisements are made by small clinics and incompetent hospitals. Why these hospitals pay so much attention to prostatitis? The reason is that the causes of this disease are complicated, and the its symptoms are various. But the curative effect is usually not satisfying. It can make patients nervous and urgent on finding a radical cure. Some clinics take advantage of patients’psychology and post many advertisements in news media, some even exaggerate the condition and mislead the patients which make people misunderstood this disease.   
The first misunderstanding: Prostatitis is very easy to occur.   
Many males have pain and discomfort in the perineum, testicular and groin after sexual life. Some males can also have itching in urethra in the morning or have impotence and premature ejaculation during the sex. When this symptoms occur, males will misunderstand that it’s prostatitis. In fact, these just belong to prostatitis symptoms, many males can recover naturally by taking a good rest. Only if the symptoms have lasted for more than 3 months can they consider about chronic prostatitis. Besides, there are few males with chronic prostatitis have symptoms of impotence and premature ejaculation. 
The second misunderstanding: Prostatitis is incurable. 
The unbearable pain and discomfort can make patients nervous and impatient, thus, they are urgent to find an efficient treatment to have a recovery. They usually have taken a varieties of medications but the result showed in vain. In fact, by taking comprehensive treatment, it can be cured permanently. But because the medicine is difficult to permeate to the prostate so that the treating course is long.  
The third misunderstanding: Treating old people with dysuria by treatments of prostatitis.  
Prostatitis is common among men aged 20 to 50. However, old people with discomfort in urination is usually caused by benign prostatic hyperplasia which is common in men over 50. The symptoms of this disease are similar to prostatitis, such as a need to urinate a lot at night, urinary frequency, difficulty in urination and enlarged prostate. If misdiagnosed, the condition will be worsen. 
The fourth misunderstanding: Sexual life and masturbation will aggravate prostatitis symptoms. 
On the theory of TCM, “when there is obstruction, there is pain”. That is to say regular sexual life can discharge the prostatic fluid so as to relieve the pain. However, since the excessive sexual life and frequent masturbation can affect the normal function of prostate, patients should limit the frequency of sexual activity.  
Patients with prostatitis don’t need to worry about the disease too much, it’s important to keep a positive attitude toward the treatment since the mood can also affect the curative effect. Generally speaking, if the prostatitis develops into a chronic one, the antibiotics may not be suitable. Under this situation, patients can choose herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It has no side effects and can cure the disease permanently. 

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