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What Can Make Prostatitis Worse?

Prostatitis, which is a common male disease, can affect male patients both physically and mentally. The series of excruciating symptoms can severely influence patients’ life quality. Though it has proven that herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can cure this disease radically, patients should also pay attention to their living habits which can affect the curative effect. Then, what can make prostatitis worse? 


Holding urine

As we know that it’s a bad habit to hold urine, in fact, it’s also an inducement which can aggravate the prostatitis symptoms. When holding urine, the urine will flow back to the prostate gland. The crystalloid in urine will deposit on the prostate tissue and it can be wrapped with substances in gland, then form into stones. Thus, resulting in aggravating the symptoms.   
Ignore the food prohibitions
Some patients attach no importance to their eating habits and eat spicy and stimulating food frequently, it’s also an inducement of prostatitis. Food like garlic, chili, pepper, ginger can stimulate the blood vessel of prostate can cause the congestion and edema of prostate gland, then lead to the aggravation of prostatitis symptoms. 
Excessive drinking
Alcohol can expand the blood vessel and induce the prostate congestion. The long-term congestion of prostate can cause edema and damage, and then make the symptoms worse. 
The nicotine, tar, nitrosamines, carbon monoxide in cigarette can damage the prostate tissue directly and these toxins can also interfere with the neurological function which control the blood vessel. Thus, the blood circulation of prostate will be affected and the prostate congestion will  be aggravated as well.  
Bad mood
Research showed that about half of prostatitis patients have psychological symptoms like anxiety, depression, fear, and pessimism. Patients with pain and neurasthenia often exaggerate their discomfort and pain. It can cause mental tension and aggravate the symptoms. 
In order to have a earlier recovery of prostatitis, male patients should change the living habits which mentioned above. Once diagnosed with prostatitis, it’s essential to have a timely and proper treatment. 

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