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How Does Prostatitis Cause Impotence?

Prostatitis is known as a symptomatic disease. It can affect patients both physically and mentally. Many males are terrified at this disease for its excruciating symptoms. It’s hard for a health person to imagine how painful they have to suffer from. Some patients can even have problem of impotence. For males, it’s an embarrassed and depressing disease. Then, how does prostatitis cause impotence?



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Since prostatitis can bring patients much pain and discomfort, the annoying symptoms can also affect patients’ psychological states. Here are the reasons why prostatitis can cause impotence to men.  
Firstly, patients who have chronic prostatitis usually have symptoms of neurasthenia which can reduce the quality of sexual life. Besides, the infection can make the increasing of prostate fluid which can inhibit the functions of testicles, thus, the production and secretion of androgen will be influenced greatly. And then resulting in the reduction of sexual function and impotence.
Secondly, some patients haven’t realized the importance of prostatitis cure, they didn’t take a timely treatment or took a treatment blindly. These condition will make their nerves and sexual activity hub always keep in a highly excited state. As time goes by, the excitability will change into depression, and then lead to impotence. 
Thirdly, patients with bacterial prostatitis have high risk of impotence. When the bacteria increase, the toxic materials and pus will increase as well. These harmful substances will irritate the nervous tissue of prostate and cause the decrease of its excitability, finally resulting in impotence. 
For patients with prostatitis, it’s significant to pay more attention to the treatment. Once noticed the signs of this disease, don’t hesitate to go to see a doctor. During the treatment, patients should face the disease optimistically since the bad mood can aggravate the condition. Prostatitis is not incurable, it has proven that herbal medicine named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can cure this disease. This natural medicine has successfully cure many sufferers with prostatitis. If you prefer to be treated more naturally, it the best choice for you.     



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