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Prostatitis Patients Should Pay Attention To These Things When Having Sexual Life

Most of prostatitis patients and their wives want to know if they can have sexual intercourse during the treatment. In fact, it depends on the phase of the disease. Patients need to pay more attention when having sex. Here are the reasons.


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Patients with acute prostatitis should avoid sex. They can restart sex one month after the recovery. 
There are a large amount of pathogenic microorganisms in the prostate fluid and semen of patients with acute prostatitis, such as bacteria, mold, trichomoniasis, mycoplasma, chlamydia and gonorrhea meningitides. Thus, females will be more likely to be infected by gynecological inflammation because of cross infection. For men, the sexual intercourse will get congestive quickly which will increase the irritation of inflammation. Then it may cause pain during sexual life and reduce the sexual pleasure. 
In addition, if prostatitis symptoms disappear completely by taking antibiotics, and the result of rectal examination shows normal, acute prostatitis patients still need to avoid sex. It’s better to have sex one month after the recovery. It can avoid early sexual life cause repeated prostatic congestion and then induce relapse of prostatitis. 
Patients with chronic prostatitis can have moderate sexual life. If it’s necessary, condoms should be used during sex.   
The condition of chronic prostatitis is relatively stable. In order to empty the prostate fluid regularly, patients can have moderate sexual life. It’s safe to have sex for one to two times a week. Excessive sex and frequent masturbation will cause recurrent congestion and aggravate the condition. Besides, patients with chlamydia prostatitis, mycoplasma prostatitis or other contagious prostatitis should use condoms during the sexual intercourse so that the infection won’t spread to their wives.
Moreover, patients should control the time of sexual intercourse. It’s not safe to have sex for a long time. Otherwise, it may worsening the symptoms of prostatitis. And if noticed pain during ejaculation or blood in semen, patients should stop sexual life. 
After restart the sexual life, it’s necessary to attach enough importance to personal hygiene, such as cleaning the genital areas before and after sex and urinating after sex, which will avoid the inflammation stimulate the urethral mucosa. More importantly, if the prostatitis recurs repeatedly, patients can take herbal medicine called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to treat the stubborn disease. It has great efficacy on recurrent prostatitis and long-term prostatitis.    

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