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Introduce Several Diet Therapy Methods for Prostatitis

Prostatitis is a common disease. Men who have prostatitis must seek medical treatment as soon as possible to avoid affecting the health of other reproductive organs. When it comes to eating, they should pay attention to diet conditioning. They can eat lots of foods that clear heat and relieve inflammation help them urinate, such as mung beans, Sydney pears, red beans, winter melons, etc.


The causes of prostatitis are more complicated, which has a lot to do with men's life, eating habits, mental stress, diseases, etc. After suffering from prostatitis, patients need active treatment. The treatment of prostatitis should be aimed at the etiology. If the prostatitis is caused by a bacterial infection, it needs to be treated with antibiotics. If prostatitis is caused by a non-bacterial infection, you can choose natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for treatment.

In addition to taking medication in a timely manner, male patients should also pay attention to their daily diet. Good eating habits can reduce the symptoms of painful urination. The following diet therapy methods are worth recommending.

1. Salvia miltiorrhiza and peach kernel porridge

Ingredients: cowherb seed, salvia miltiorrhiza, peach kernels, red beans, barley, sugar, etc. Method: Wash the red beans and barley first, soak them well first. Add water to the salvia and cowherb seed and cook for 30 minutes. After removing the residue, add the red beans, barley, peaches, and an appropriate amount of clean water, then cook the porridge over low heat. It has the effects of revitalizing blood stasis, clearing heat and diuresis, and boosting Qi and spleen.

2. Lespedeza and plantain herb tea

Ingredients: plantain, and fresh Lespedeza. Method: Wash the ingredients, add water to cook the soup, remove the residue, then add crystal sugar to drink. -drink three times a day. It has the effects of clearing heat and inflammation, diuretic, and edematous relief.

3. Sprout juice

Ingredients: fresh mung bean sprouts, sugar. How to do it: Wash the mung bean sprouts, drain them, strain the juice with gauze, then add sugar. You can drink it every day instead of tea. It is suitable for hot and humid patients and has the effect of clearing heat and diuretics.

4. Oyster and luffa soup

Ingredients: oysters, luffa, cooking wine, green onions, ginger, sesame oil, salt. Method: Peel and wash the luffa, slice it. After washing the oyster meat, fry the oysters slightly, then add the high-sugar broth, bring to a boil over medium heat, and season with green onions, minced ginger, salt, pepper, and sesame oil. This dish has the effect of cooling the blood, clearing the heat, quenching thirst, and lowering the fire.

In addition to these dietary treatments, patients also need a light, nutritious diet. Eat less spicy and irritating foods, such as green onions, ginger, chili, pepper, etc. These food can cause prostate blood-vessel dilate and organ congest, which is not conducive to urination. Avoid cold foods, such as chilled foods stored in the refrigerator, fruit, frozen drinks, etc. These cold foods irritate the prostate and cause poor urine flow.

In addition, all types of drinks containing alcohol should also be prohibited. Alcohol can promote the dilation of blood vessels, cause congestion in the internal organs of the pelvis, and is not conducive to the control of prostatitis.

Patients can eat more foods rich in vitamins during the onset of the disease, especially tomatoes and carrots. They can supplement large amounts of β carotene and lycopene. Also, they can eat more kiwis, grapefruit, and citrus fruits. These fruits have the effect of purifying heat and moisture and can treat painful urination caused by prostatitis.

Prostatitis patients are deficient in zinc, so patients can eat more foods rich in zinc, such as apples, peanuts, walnuts, sesame seeds, and pine nuts. They can also eat some animal liver and sea fish appropriately.

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