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Six Habits Can Easily Trigger Prostatitis: Correct It If You Have One

Prostatitis patients may experience a series of urinary changes, such as frequent urination, painful urination, and urinary tract obstruction. In addition, there may be significant pain in the patient's pelvic area. If infected with prostatitis for a long time, it can affect male sexual function and fertility, posing a significant threat to male health.


In recent years, the incidence rate of prostatitis is particularly high, which is mainly due to some bad habits.

So, what are the bad habits that cause prostatitis?

1. Local cooling

In daily life, most women do a good job of keeping their abdomen and waist warm, otherwise it can easily cause gynecological problems such as irregular menstruation. For most men, they do not pay attention to their own warmth.

If a man experiences prolonged cold in the waist and abdomen, it can affect blood circulation in the pelvic area, leading to a slowdown in blood circulation in the prostate region. In this situation, it is easy to affect the secretion of prostatic fluid, thus suffering from prostatitis.

2. Long-term sitting

In daily life, most prostate patients belong to the office population and drivers. These men may engage in prolonged sedentary behavior, which can cause congestion in the pelvic area and result in a persistent state of edema in the prostate gland. So, it will make some metabolic products unable to be excreted in a timely manner, leading to blockage of the prostate gland ducts and the occurrence of inflammation.

3. Eating too much spicy food

Most men particularly enjoy eating spicy foods, such as chili peppers. These foods can stimulate the prostate gland in men, leading to continuous dilation and congestion of prostate blood vessels. In this state, it can cause some inflammation in the prostate area.

4. Excessive drinking

Men who have been drinking excessively for a long time are many times more likely to suffer from prostatitis than men who do not drink alcohol. Alcohol can cause toxic reactions in the male gonads, leading to sexual dysfunction. In addition, the ingredients in alcohol will make the prostate swell, and some prostatic fluid and metabolites cannot be discharged in time, which will cause inflammation.

5. Suffering from urethritis

For men with urethritis or recurrent urethritis, the risk of contracting prostatitis increases many times. If inflammation occurs in the urethra, some pathogenic bacteria can spread into the prostate through the urethra, leading to the occurrence of prostatitis.

6. Irregular sexual activity

One of the main factors for suffering from prostatitis is closely related to men's irregular sexual activity. For example, long-term masturbation and excessive sexual activity in men can cause continuous congestion and swelling of the prostate gland. In addition, if the phenomenon of tolerance to ejaculation occurs, it is also easy to cause congestion in the prostate area, leading to prostatitis.

In summary, the occurrence of prostatitis is related to men's bad behavior habits, lifestyle habits, and dietary habits. If infected with prostatitis, active treatment is required. The treatment of prostatitis in clinical practice mainly involves taking different treatment measures based on its clinical symptoms. 

Patients with typical symptoms need to choose medication treatment, such as antibiotics. For chronic prostatitis, natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a good choice to eliminate symptoms and causes.

If the patient with prostatitis has no clinical symptoms and does not affect their quality of life, special treatment is not necessary. Instead, it is necessary to break the above bad habits. 

In addition, men must replenish more water in their daily lives, which can help to clean the urethra and promote the discharge of prostate secretions through urination. It is also necessary to exercise appropriately every day, which plays a very important role in improving local blood circulation and preventing prostatitis.

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