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What is The Probability of Prostatitis Recurrence?

The probability of prostatitis recurrence varies from person to person because each person's physical conditions and suitable treatment methods vary differently. But generally, it can reach 50%, and the recurrence rate will increase unless you attach importance to daily treatment and prevention.


For some patients with complicated prostatitis, bacterial prostatitis, etc., the recurrence rate is relatively high due to the difficulty of treatment. In contrast, for patients with infectious prostatitis, the probability of recurrence is relatively low as long as they wash their hands frequently, pay attention to hygiene habits and maintain good condition.

Then how to prevent the recurrence of prostatitis effectively?

First of all, it is important to maintain good living habits. Regular work and rest, a healthy diet, and moderate exercise are all good for the body. Avoid drinking, smoking, spicy food, and excessive physical labor. Secondly, it is also necessary to maintain a clean living environment and change clothes more often. Finally, patients can go to the hospital for regular review, assisting the doctor in adjusting the treatment plan to keep themselves in good condition.

It is necessary to note that the symptoms may differ for every prostatitis patient, but discomfort and pain during urination are the most common symptoms. Other common symptoms include frequent urination, urinary urgency, burning urethra, etc. Although prostatitis does not threaten life, the condition will be aggravated if not treated in time, seriously affecting patients' quality of life. Therefore, patients should go to the hospital for timely diagnosis and treatment when symptoms of prostatitis appear.

In conclusion, the recurrence probability of prostatitis is determined by individual differences and treatment modalities. To effectively prevent a recurrence, patients must maintain a healthy lifestyle, change clothes regularly, get timely treatment, etc. Here we remind all men to pay attention to prostate health and have regular medical checkups to prevent early detection and treatment of prostatitis.

The conclusion that prostatitis requires no treatment may surprise some. Why is this idea proposed? The main reason is that traditional drug therapies, including antibiotics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and alpha-blockers, can’t achieve the desired consequences in treating prostatitis. The precise conclusion should be it is not that there is no need for treatment but that the treatment is ineffective in most cases.

At the same time, the symptoms of chronic prostatitis can be mild or severe and even asymptomatic in mild cases until the physical examination inadvertently realize that the prostate has been patronized by inflammation.

And for those with severe symptoms, it can be worse than death. Prostatitis is a common inflammatory disease in men, often characterized by frequent urination, urinary urgency, pain, and other symptoms. These symptoms cause trouble for the patients. Obviously, for this kind of patient, it is extremely unrealistic to expect the prostate to heal itself, and it is urgent to relieve the symptoms timely and effectively.

Patients can choose traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, to treat chronic prostatitis. It can eliminate the patient's symptoms. Moreover, over-treatment may increase antibiotic resistance, making it more difficult to treat other infectious diseases. And traditional Chinese medicine treatment will neither bring side effects to the body nor produce drug resistance. So patients can take it with confidence.

Although prostatitis symptoms may cause discomfort to patients, we do not need to worry too much in most cases. Patients should maintain good living habits to promote prostate health, such as eating a balanced diet, exercising moderately, and avoiding a sedentary lifestyle. In addition, if the symptoms are severe or last for a long time, medical consultation is recommended. The concept of no need to over-treat will help us better face the common condition of prostatitis.

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