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Recurrent Prostatitis Is Devastating? Do These 5 Things To Prevent Recurrence

Prostatitis is a common disease in adult men and is an acute and chronic inflammation in the prostate gland. In particular, chronic prostatitis treatment is slow to take effect, the treatment time is very long, and the results are always unsatisfactory.


Prostatitis is prone to recurring episodes, which brings a lot of psychological pressure to men. In addition, the pathogenic microorganisms and bacterial toxins contained in the prostate fluid of prostatitis patients can directly kill sperm when they enter the semen, resulting in necrospermia, deformed sperm, decreased vitality, the production of anti-sperm antibodies, and decreased sperm acrosomal enzyme activity, all of which ultimately lead to male infertility. This is a devastating thing for couples of childbearing age.

If a man has chronic prostatitis and wants to cure it as soon as possible and reduce recurrence, what should he do to prevent it daily?

1. Reasonable treatment under the doctor's guidance

Prostatitis is more likely to recur. If you want to prevent the disease from recurring you should be treated appropriately under the guidance of your doctor.

One of the reasons for the recurrence of prostatitis is the incorrect treatment method. The patient did not use reasonable medication under the doctor's guidance and did not control the development of local inflammation through the correct way, resulting in the recurrence of the disease. To prevent this from happening, one should usually pay attention to the medication aspect and adhere to reasonable treatment to control the disease.

For recurring prostatitis, the herbs in the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can penetrate the prostate membrane, and the medicinal effect directly reaches the diseased area, eliminating the inflammation from the root and restoring the normal function of the prostate.

2. More water

The reason why prostatitis will recur may be caused by the lack of good habits during the treatment process. If the patient wants to prevent the disease from recurring, he should get enough water during the treatment, which will also help to eliminate the inflammation in the prostate area.

Many people with inflammation in the prostate area experience a relapse during treatment, which may be caused by not paying attention to more hydration. Drinking more water appropriately can promote the discharge of inflammatory substances in the body of patients with prostatitis, which is conducive to preventing local inflammation from aggravating and helps control this disease.

3. Pay attention to diet

If you want to prevent the recurrence of prostatitis, you should pay attention to a variety of issues, such as the reasonable control of diet is very important. For prostatitis patients, you should ensure a light diet, and fresh food to maintain the state of body functions and supplement the body's need for minerals, trace elements, and vitamins, improving immune function.

In addition, in the process of eliminating prostate inflammation, you need to stay away from spicy food and alcohol-containing food to prevent local stimulation after the inflammation is aggravated, which is also an effective way to avoid the recurrence of prostatitis.

4. Do not hurt the prostate in life

The male prostate is a relatively fragile organ that must be protected. If you want to keep prostatitis from recurring, you can't harm the prostate in your life while treating it. If you want to prevent prostatitis from recurring, you need to pay more attention in your life, such as not sitting for a long time, not wearing tight pants, not abusing antibiotics, and not having intercourse too often.

5. Regular life and more exercise

If you want to protect the prostate, you must keep your body in a healthy state. You must live a regular life, eat on time, sleep on time, and exercise on time.

Prostatitis recurs repeatedly, which brings a lot of mental stress to men. Then, to get rid of this disease completely, you have to go to the regular hospital to be treated and then pay attention to these aspects. 

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