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Why Do Sedentary And Prolonged Cycling Induce Chronic Prostatitis?

Clinical epidemiologic investigation found that among automobile drivers, the incidence of chronic prostatitis is high and not easy to cure, which fully illustrates the problem of the effect of prolonged sedentary life on the prostate. Also, prolonged cycling is one of the causes of chronic prostatitis.


Why do sedentary and prolonged cycling induce chronic prostatitis?

The anatomy of the prostate is rather specialized. The glandular ducts in the area around the prostate are slender and curved, traveling backward, then curving to the side, and finally forward. In the prostate parenchyma opening to the urethra, the caliber of the opening is small, and the urethra at right angles or diagonally upward retrograde into the urethra. 

The long and curved travel of the glandular ducts of the prostate is conducive to the entry of bacteria from the urethra into the gland but not conducive to the discharge and drainage of inflammatory secretions from the gland, which is an important anatomical factor in causing prostatitis.

From a physiological point of view, sitting can slow down blood circulation, especially in the perineum, which directly leads to chronic congestion and blood stasis in the perineum and prostate. Sitting for a long time can cause direct pressure on the prostate gland and lead to prostate congestion. This leads to the accumulation of local metabolites, obstruction of the prostate ducts, and more difficult excretion of prostate fluid, thus leading to the occurrence of chronic prostatitis. 

Bicycling, motorcycle riding, horseback riding and other straddle movement and sedentary reason is the same. Even the straddle movement is more directly compressed than the sedentary perineum and prostate, directly causing congestion and congestion of the prostate.

The specific reasons are as follows:

Once you ride incorrectly during the ride, it is easy to cause pressure on your rectum. The pressurized rectum will directly press on your prostate. In severe cases, it also leads to prostate damage, which in turn induces prostatitis. Especially in the case of sufficient bladder storage of urine, the prostate gland is subjected to more pressure. Therefore, if you are urged to urinate, you must urinate in time to prevent the bladder from squeezing the human prostate.

In the process of riding for a long time, the body's heat production increases. At this time, the temperature of the scrotum rises, and the heat dissipation is relatively poor. Excessive temperature affects the quality of a person's sperm in the slightest, and in the worst case, it affects the person's reproductive and fertility functions.

As a result of prolonged riding, the nerves in the body's pelvic region are squeezed. Lightly produce nerve numbness or lead to nerve damage in the pelvic area, which then triggers a series of symptoms, such as sexual dysfunction and so on.

During cycling, the pubic area sweats more, while the heat dissipation is insufficient. The excessive temperature and humid environment provide good conditions for bacterial growth, which can easily lead to scrotal eczema and other diseases.

Therefore, men should consider these two problems, especially those with chronic prostatitis, and pay more attention. Men should not be sedentary for a long time at work and should rest properly and change positions at work leisurely. It can improve the local congestion of the prostate and reduce or avoid the occurrence of chronic prostatitis.

Chronic prostatitis patients should pay attention to the general sustained cycling time, which should be within 30 minutes. If the road is long, they should get off the bike on the way to appropriate activities or rest before going. They can adjust the car seat's angle appropriately, and the front should not be too high. You can also add a sponge cushion to make the car seat soft and comfortable, reducing the pressure and irritation on the prostate gland and avoiding the occurrence or aggravation of chronic prostatitis.

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