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What Impact Does Long-Term Abstinence from Sexual Activity Have on the Prostate?

The prostate is an important male organ used to secrete prostate fluid, closely related to men's sexual life. Clinical data shows a relationship between sex life and prostatitis; irregular sex life is the main cause of prostatitis.


Sex life is the lubricant that promotes the relationship between men and women. Some men have frequent sex because they have a high sex libido, and some men practice excessive abstinence for fear that having sex too often will harm the prostate. But they don't know that too much or too little sex will affect the prostate.

So, will long-term abstinence make men more likely to get prostatitis?

Many factors can cause prostatitis, and many of them have a lot to do with sex. Prolonged absence of sex increases the probability of a man getting prostatitis. This is mainly because:

I. Men have normal sexual desires. If a man has no sex life for a long time, his sexual desire cannot be released, leading to persistent prostate gland excitement and long-term congestion. The prostate tissue is often congested and edematous, which induces prostatitis.

II. The prostate will produce normal prostatic fluid. If a man does not have sex for a long time and has no opportunity to ejaculate, it will lead to the deposition of his prostate fluid. The prostate fluid is rich in nutrients, providing favorable conditions for the growth and reproduction of pathogenic bacteria, leading to prostate infection and inflammation.

III. Without sex for a long time, men may develop the habit of masturbation. Excessive masturbation can cause prostate congestion, then leading to prostatitis.

A regular sex life, therefore, is vital for men's prostate health. Men should neither indulge in sex nor have no sex for a long time. With regular sex once or twice a week, the prostate can metabolize normally. Regular sexual life can also accelerate the local blood circulation of the prostate gland and help remove harmful substances inside it, thus accelerating the regression of inflammation, which is conducive to the recovery of prostate function.

If a patient has prostatitis without treatment, it will cause great harm to the body. Long-term inflammation will produce many bacteria and viruses, infecting neighboring organs and leading to various complications. It can also cause sexual dysfunction, impotence, premature ejaculation, and other diseases in the reproductive system, as well as urethritis, cystitis, and other diseases in the urinary system. 

Patients are advised to take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to treat prostatitis. It can kill all kinds of bacteria and viruses that cause male urogenital diseases without any side effects, helping patients to relieve the pain and restore prostate health easily!

In addition to this, men need to know how to take care of their prostate in their daily lives.

Avoid sitting for long periods. Due to the special structure of the prostate gland, prolonged sitting will cause the prostate gland to be compressed, resulting in repeated congestion. When germs invade, the prostate fluid is difficult to discharge and the risk of developing prostatitis increases.

Do not hold urine. Many men will hold their urine when they are busy at work. However, holding urine for a long time will cause the prostate to be compressed, making urine reflux to the bladder and kidneys, which in turn affects the prostate gland and causes prostatitis. Therefore, men should urinate in time when they have the urge. They should also drink plenty of water daily to promote urination and help flush out metabolites from the prostate.

Keep a light diet. Men should try to avoid irritating foods, especially alcohol and cigarettes, daily. Irritating foods can be harmful to the urethra, and they also tend to dilate the blood vessels in the prostate, making the body's immune system weaken.

Keep exercising. A man's prostate flora is usually balanced under normal conditions, but when the body's immunity is lowered, bacteria can multiply and cause inflammation. Therefore, patients can improve immunity through exercise to help maintain strong prostate health.

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