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What's Wrong With The Constant Flow of Prostate Fluid?

The prostate is a gland located below the male bladder, and prostate fluid is a colorless and clear liquid produced from the male prostate, which does not normally flow out on its own.


Under normal circumstances, the body produces about 0.6-2 ml of prostate fluid daily. Prostate fluid can be discharged from the body in a variety of ways; for example, when urinating, it is discharged with the urine; through sexual intercourse, spermatorrhea ejaculation, and masturbation ejaculation, it is discharged with the semen; when massaging the prostate, prostate fluid can also flow out.

If there is no normal semen discharge or no prostate massage is performed, and more prostate fluid accumulates, when the abdominal pressure increases, such as when relieving a bowel movement, it can also cause prostate fluid to flow out on its own.

What happens to excess prostate fluid?

This is a normal phenomenon if the flow of prostate fluid is only occasional and the amount of fluid is relatively small. It is also normal for men to have some prostate fluid when they wake up, but this is also normal because adolescent men often have morning erections. Normal men will have an erection if they are sexually stimulated. After the erection, the prostate secrete prostatic fluid, which plays a role in lubrication and prepares them for the following sexual intercourse, which is also a normal phenomenon.

However, if a man has more prostate fluid production and regularly flows out, it is necessary to consider the pathological reasons. When having prostatitis, due to the stimulation of inflammation, it will lead to an increase in the production of prostate fluid; men will also increase the discharge of prostate fluid. If the situation is severe, even milky white secretion flows from the urethral opening, clinically also known as white fluid in the urethral opening during urination.

The causes of prostatitis are many and complex. They are related to sedentary life, holding urine, eating a lot of spicy and irritating food, drinking a lot of alcohol, and frequent sex. The patient can go through the prostate fluid routine, prostate fluid culture, and prostate ultrasound to clear diagnosis and then target selection of drug treatment.

Prostatitis has many harmful effects. Typically, the patient will experience urination disorder and painful urination. Not treated in time can lead to other complications and even male infertility. 

Therefore, if the diagnosis of prostatitis is confirmed, the patient should take treatment as soon as possible to restore health. Patients can take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill orally. Herbal ingredients in this pill can penetrate the prostate membrane, the effect of the drug directly to the lesion from the root to eliminate inflammation and restore the normal function of the prostate.

Men should also take precautions in their daily lives to prevent the disease from occurring.

1. Seek Medical Advice: If symptoms such as frequent urination, urinary urgency, or pelvic pain occur, consult your doctor as soon as possible for relevant examinations and confirmation of diagnosis.

2. Pay Attention To Personal Hygiene: You should maintain good hygiene habits to avoid urinary tract infections. Washing hands frequently, drinking enough water daily, and avoiding holding urine prevent urinary tract infections effectively.

3. Urinate Regularly: Avoid holding your urine and develop regular urination habits. Regular urination reduces the time prostate secretions are retained in the bladder and reduces inflammation.

4. Adjust Diet: Choose a healthy diet that increases your intake of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats. 

5. Get Regular Medical Checkups: Get regular medical checkups: Regular medical checkups and prostate-specific antigen (PSA) tests can help detect potential problems early. Follow your doctor's recommendations for appropriate screening and testing.

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